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051-Canadian Quakers: Their Message to U.S. Friends-6/1985

065-Indiana YM In Crisis & Poems by Henry Taylor, Quaker Poet-8/1986

079-A Critique of Quaker Missions--And the Lack of Quaker Missions

092-Five Quaker Agenda Items for 1989 -12/1988

052-The World Gathering of Young Friends--Open Door Or Lost Opportunity?-7/1985

066-The AFSC & American Friends: At A Crossroads? - 9/1986

080-Henry Cadbury & Quakerism Without God - 10-11/1987

093-Quaker of the Year: Jim Corbett, Theologian-1/1989

053-Universalist Quakerism--Blame It On Barclay-8/1985

067-The Case of the Incarcerated Clerk-10/1986

081-Understanding Quakerism By the Book – Err, Books

094-A Quaker In The CIA (Part Two-of three)- 2/1989

054-American Quaker History--Two Reviews-9/1985

068-Seeking Wisdom On Nicaragua-11/1986

082-Quakers of the Year: Freiday & Mays; Also AFSC & The Cambodian Holocaust-1/1988

095-Mark Hulbert on Quakers & Investments; Also "The Satanic Verses" - 3/1989

055-How Can Quakers Cope With AIDS? - 10/1985

069-Seeking A Future For Friends United Meeting-12/1986

083-FBI Surveillance Of Friends-2/1988

096-A Quaker Feminist Takes on The Bible-4/1989

056-Puncturing Three Pious Quaker Myths-11/1985

070-Quakers of the Year: Three Outstanding Women Friends-1/1987

084-Same Sex Marriage: What's In a Name? -3/1988

097-The Friends Ministers Conference; Letters on Kenya & Rushdie - 5/1989

057-Surprising Data About Quaker Membership Growth Trends-12/1985

071-Three Important New Quaker Books: Ingle, Gwyn & Powelson-2/1987

085-Quaker School In the West Bank & Unitarian-Quaker Merger Poll Results-4&5/1988

098-Big Changes Coming At The FCNL - 6/1989

058-Quakers of the Year: Kenneth Boulding & Jack Willcuts-1/1986

072-The Case Against The Richmond Declaration of Faith -3/1987

086-What's the State of the Society? One Report-6/1988

099-Lyndon LaRouche; Quaker Science Fiction; & I.F. Stone's Religion-7/1989

059-Quakers & Bible Study--What's Happening? - 3/1986

073-Is Quakerism Treated Fairly In Public School Textbooks? -4/1987

087-A Quaker In The CIA (Part One) - 7/1988

100-Herb Lape: Sex, Politics & Liberal Quakerism - 8/1989

060-Iowa Conservative YM & The Cost of Change-3/1986

074-Partnership For Productivity: The Destruction of a Quaker Masterpiece

088-Coping With Two Quaker Revivals: One Old, One New

101-Ohio Conservative Friends - Their Last Battle? -9/1989

061-The Hidden Quaker History of Lyndon LaRouche-4/1986

075-Friends United Meeting Makes a New Beginning

089-"The Last Temptation of Christ" & Two New Quaker Controversies Over Homosexuality - 9/1988

102-Philadelphia Friends & The Homeless; Also, Opposing the "War" on Drugs -10/1989

062-You Have A Friend at National Public Radio-5/1986

076-Disowned! A Liberal Quaker Meeting Draws The Line

090-Free Trade: The Forgotten Quaker Peace Witness? - 10/1988

103-Guidance on Friendly Investments; Report on California Quake - 11/1989

063- No issue -- Editor ill - 6/1986

77-Joan Baez: Quakerism's Prodigal daughter Returns to the Fold-8/1987

091-1688: The Original Quaker-Catholic Connection - 11/1988

104-The AFSC: Listening to Friends Concerns At Last? - 12/1989

064-Double Issue: Quaker News Roundup & Reflections On A Kidney Stone-7/1986

078-A Look At New Quaker Music & Musicians

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