Taking Names In Vain: Glenn Beck, Dr. King, & Me

Glenn Beck
G—- B—

‎[Sigh] I would have been very satisfied had I gone to my grave without ever mentioning the words “Glenn” and “Beck” together on this blog, or any other page.

Besides disliking the individual and what he stands for, I have also hoped to avoid turning this space into one more locale where the media chatter of the day is regurgitated and remasticated yet one more time, reinforcing its largely false and falsifying view of life, the world, and what’s important in both.

But sometimes s*it happens anyway.

So it goes with the “tagging” by a Facebook friend of my name being taken more or less in vain on the G—- B— program recently. I assure everyone it was through no initiative of my own. But the fact is the fact.

As you will see if you follow this link, someone plays for him a bit from an interview with former NAACP President Julian Bond, in which Bond quotes me as quoting Dr. King as saying (in 1965) that he’d like to see “a modified form of socialism” come about in the US.

It’s true. Dr. King did say that to me. The comment is recorded in context in my memoir, “Eating Dr. King’s Dinner,” about my time in Selma, Alabama with the civil rights movement.

In that small book, I also point out that at the time, I notably failed to ask the question which, in retrospect, immediately comes to mind, namely, “Um, Dr. King, just what do you mean by a MODIFIED form of socialism???” After all, “a modified form of socialism” could be just about anything.

But at that moment, I just nodded sagely, as if I understood completely; after all, I was 22.

Chuck Fager - Mug Shot 1965
An Outside Agitator’s mug shot – Selma, Alabama, 1965.


I guess this shocking disclosure left Mr B— reeling aghast, and may have borne some bitter fruit today (August 28, 2010) on the mall in Washington. I hear B— is having some kind of revival meeting there, but have not paid (nor do I intend to pay) it any attention.

Freedom of speech includes B—’s right to gather and blather; also my right to ignore it.

At least I was quoted accurately.

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