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YAFs Memorial Day Gathering: Time To Grow Up

The following message has been broadcast across Quaker networks today:

<< The planning committee for the Young Adult Friends Gathering, 2010, comes together in Wichita, Kansas this weekend. Young Quakers from across the United States, Canada and Mexico will gather this Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31, for a gathering…
>> For more, go here.

Since the big event is only a bit more than a month away, this will be one of their last chances to take another, more edifying look at the embarrassing and oppressive set of “Expectations for Community” that I have commented on before, and if they value the reputation of their “movement,” they’ll ease up on the long list of “Thou Shall Nots.”

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Am I In Trouble On Abortion??

Sat eve coverFriend Kevin Roberts has a lengthy blog post, entitled “Not One Of Us,” arguing that Friends should be against abortion. I’ve responded with some detailed comments, and there is a conversation developing.

This striking Saturday Evening Post cover was his illustration:

Interested folks will need to scroll down through some comments to find my contributions . . . . And there are some other interesting comments as well.

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March 10: Remember Tom Fox

Tom Fox, in his red Christian Peacemaker Teams ball cap, in Palestine between tours in Iraq.

March 10: Remember Tom Fox

March 10 — how could I forget? How dare I fail to remember.

Four years and four months ago, John Stephens and I began a blog site called , as both a personal vigil and a community service, compiling and posting nightly updates of reports — or mostly the lack of reports — about the fate of four… peaceworkers kidnapped in Iraq. They had been taken in Baghdad, and one of them, Tom Fox, was a Quaker and a friend of both John and me.

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Not Acting Their Age In Wichita — YAF Conference 2010

So.  The registration info for the 2010 Young adult Friends (YAF) Conference in Wichita is now online.  As a preliminary, there’s a two-page statements of “expectations” and rules. The complete text is below. But some particular items deserve special attention, and I wonder what others think of them.

I won’t be shy about my reactions. Some sections are no big problem, e.g.:

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Mysticism, Schmysticism; Quakers, Pay Attention!

Scott Horton

There was an amazing post yesterday on the pitfalls of “mysticism” and pop occultism, by the always enlightening human rights attorney Scott Horton. It’s on his always worthwhile “No Comment” blog at the Harpers magazine site.

It makes points that ought to give many Quaker aficionados of that “mystic” path pause, an occasion to take off their fog-tinted spectacles and see the phenomenon more plainly in the light of history and social context.
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