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American War Christianity & Quaker Ecumenism


So I’m walking through the Wal-Mart parking lot the other day –

(Yeah, I shop there. Whadda ya think — I live in one of your university-hugging, professional middle class greeny suburbs? This is army town, no time for that fluff. We had two Supercenters when I got here; now there’s five. Whole Foods & Costco are about ninety minutes away. I get there when I can; otherwise, cut me some slack here.)

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March 10: Remember Tom Fox

Tom Fox, in his red Christian Peacemaker Teams ball cap, in Palestine between tours in Iraq.

March 10: Remember Tom Fox

March 10 — how could I forget? How dare I fail to remember.

Four years and four months ago, John Stephens and I began a blog site called , as both a personal vigil and a community service, compiling and posting nightly updates of reports — or mostly the lack of reports — about the fate of four… peaceworkers kidnapped in Iraq. They had been taken in Baghdad, and one of them, Tom Fox, was a Quaker and a friend of both John and me.

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