Freaked Out About Footwear

Freaked Out About Footwear

Okay Folks, This is Your OFFICIAL NOTICE:
I Am Now Truly FREAKED OUT by the reach of BIG DATA

About an hour ago I was in a well-known Big Box store, picking up this and that. Along the way I saw a display of slippers. I’ve been thinking it might be good to get a pair of really warm slippers; tho I have not discussed this impulse online with anyone that I can recall.


¬†Anyway, I paused and browsed the display of slippers. Even tried one on. It was — well, not bad, but didn’t actually grab me (or my foot). So I put it back and went on. I did NOT purchase any slippers there.

Then I get home, put away the this and that I did buy (none of which BTW had anything to do with footwear), and pretty soon sat down at my computer to see what’s shaking in the Facebook world.

And there, on my page, right next to the top of my page is — a BIG ad for fancy new “redesigned” yada yada SLIPPERS, per the photo here.

WTF?? I didn’t speak to anybody about my Brief Encounter with slippers in the store. Didn’t text or email or FB or phone anyone about it.

So, what was it? Cameras in the ceiling scanning my irises? Fingerprint sensors on the label I fingered while holding them? Wires in the floor?

Has this happened to anybody else here? How did you feel about it??

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