Messages for The Day After



Paid a call on Ms. Hazel next door.

She grew up here when it was segregated,

her people couldn’t vote,

and the Klan had a huge Durham chapter.

Today her driveway had medium-sized U.S. flags

along both sides.

She gave me a hug, a blessing,

and when I admired these,

snipped them from her bush

and insisted I take them.

They’re for you too.




Wait — the flowers are trying to tell us something . . .


But they’re whispering . . .


. . . What was that? Let me lean down close.
“Bloom til you die?” Was that it?


Got it, I think. But I may need some help.

4 thoughts on “Messages for The Day After”

  1. Great thought. We all have a lot of work to do for the next 4 years. Remember Donald has not laid out a lot of policy positions so we can help shape his approach to the challenges we face.

    1. Publish a pamphlet of the 32 or more racist…and some of the lack of manners and respect regarding what most people are
      taught as children. List the shocking statements…It could be
      be a test. Does he really believe what he has said? I hold him in the Light. Maybe one can change. The Way may open. There is that of God in Everyone….Some people never let this happens.

  2. Your lovely flowers reminded me of that other adage, which may be overused but is still as true: Bloom where you are planted.

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