My Online Theological essays (Mainly Quaker-oriented)

My Online Theological essays (Mainly Quaker-oriented)

Click here to go to a page with links to more than twenty online essays and reviews that I’ve published in various places over many years.

some of the topics covered include:

— Quakers as a “chosen people”

— Re-examinations of the Quaker peace testimony

— Lucretia Mott as a formative liberal Quaker theologian

— Spiritualism among 19th Century US Friends

— The saga of a contemporary Quaker prophetess

— A Theist Quaker’s appreciation for non-theist Quakerism

And more.

5 thoughts on “My Online Theological essays (Mainly Quaker-oriented)”

    1. Charley, I can help a bit with that. Most of them are now up, but I haven’t got them properly displayed on the Quaker Theology site. But if you SAVE these two links, they can take you to a list of links to the others. There’s about thirty of them there; and I’ll be putting up some more presently.Here are the two key links (remember; SAVE THEM for reference):
      Links – Quaker & Theological essays by Chuck Fager Online

      Start here for Quaker & theological Essays by chuck Fager now online:
      – – – – – – – – – –
      Many More Theology Essays by Chuck Fager are listed here:

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