Say What You Will, Bernie’s Still My Guy

. . . Furthermore,  it looks like 2017 may be his moment,
even more than 2016. After all:

  • He’s still in the Senate, with much higher visibility;
  • He campaigned fair, and most of his main rivals self-destructed;
  • His integrity is intact:  (Tax returns? Naddadamthing; he & Jane are comfy, but not millionaires. He kept his word & supported HRC after the primaries; he still works nonstop.)
  • His message of fighting oligarchy to save democracy is not only consistent, but it’s also reinforced daily by every billionaire appointment & crazy tweet from On High;
  • Those who can’t see past his being an old white guy from a mostly white state with a 1950s Brooklyn accent, are now outnumbered by many more who see that he’s just about a model white ally; and

  • He still understands it’s not about him, but a diverse, dedicated movement, which he’s working every day to build;
  • A movement we need even MORE than we did when he started his “quixotic, doomed” run for the White House.

And whichever progressive runs in 2020, she/he will be stronger as Bernie’s movement building gathers momentum now, next year, in 2018, and after.

Besides, any candidate who can stop in mid-speech to  more than 10000 people to commune with a tiny bird — that’s a big old bird I want on the side my grandkids’ future. And he is.

Go, Bernie.

 If you agree, pass it on . . .

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