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NPR Dumps Twitter. But the REAL News Is Twitter’s Response

[NOTE: This post is in two parts. The first part, you may have seen or heard. The second part was news to me, and you can’t just make this sh*t up. Or you can, but I didn’t. Tho I did add some emojis.]

Washington Post

By  Paul Farhi — April 12, 2023 

[Excerpt #1 — You Probably Saw or Heard This Part]:

NPR, PBS suspend Twitter activity after Musk adds ‘government-funded’ tag

NPR said it will stop tweeting after Twitter labeled its accounts as government-funded media, in a growing backlash by public news organizations against the social media platform since Elon Musk purchased it last year.

Public TV broadcaster PBS also said it has suspended tweets since Saturday for the same reason — but unlike NPR, the organization left the door open to return at some point. At least three public radio stations have also left the platform in reaction to the labeling controversy.

NPR and PBS took action after Twitter and Musk tagged their main accounts as “state-affiliated media” this month, before softening the language to “government-funded” last weekend.

Twitter has also recently placed the “government-funded” label on other news outlets that receive some public support, such as PBS, BBC and Voice of America. The BBC has also objected but continues to tweet.

[EXCERPT #2 — Here’s the real news part, in my view]:

Washington Post-Twitter responded to an email seeking comment on Wednesday with a poop emoji, its response to all press inquiries lately.