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Breaking! In The Yard — Monarch Sighting Confirmed!

BREAKING! In The Yard: Confirmed Monarch Butterfly Sighting!

Friday Oct. 28, 2022

Glanced out the front door – a flicker of orange & black. Stepped out and YES! First Monarch sighting In The Yard in two years.





Hey — could you check the mail while you’re over there??











Normally I crop out the black edges, but here I think they bring up the Monarch’s wings.


Another Monarch Butterfly Doom & Gloom Report

Washington Post: Why monarch butterflies, now endangered, are on the ‘edge of collapse’

The International Union for Conservation of Nature placed the migratory insect on its endangered species list Thursday.


By Dino Grandoni
 — July 21, 2022

The migratory monarch butterfly, a North American icon with a continent-spanning annual journey, now faces the threat of extinction, according to a top wildlife monitoring group.

Thursday’s decision by the International Union for Conservation of Nature to declare the species endangered comes as years of habitat destruction and rising temperatures have decimated the fluttering orange itinerants’ population.
The species’ numbers have dropped between 22 and 72 percent over the past decade, according to the new assessment. Monarchs in the Western United States are in particular danger: The population declined by an estimated 99.9 percent, from as many as 10 million butterflies in the 1980s to fewer than 2,000 in 2021.

“It is difficult to watch monarch butterflies and their extraordinary migration teeter on the edge of collapse, but there are signs of hope,” said Anna Walker, an entomologist at the New Mexico BioPark Society who led the butterfly assessment.

The loss of monarchs underscores a looming extinction crisis worldwide, with profound implications for the humans who have caused it. One million species could disappear, according to the United Nations, a potential calamity not just for plants and animals but also for the people who depend on ecosystems for food and fresh water.

The IUCN is a network of governmental and nonprofit organizations that comprehensively tracks the status of species. Scientists from around the world work together to produce assessments.
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