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NPR Suspends Internal Critic


AP News: NPR suspends editor who criticized his employer for what he calls an unquestioned liberal worldview

Uri Berliner

NEW YORK (AP) — National Public Radio has suspended a veteran editor who wrote an outside essay criticizing his employer for, in his view, journalism that reflects a liberal viewpoint with little tolerance for contrary opinions.

Uri Berliner, a senior editor on NPRs business desk, was suspended five days without pay, according to an article posted Tuesday by NPRs media correspondent, David Folkenflik. He wrote that Berliner was told he violated the companys policy that it must approve work done for outside news organizations.

Berliner told NPR that he was not appealing the suspension. An NPR spokeswoman said the company would not comment on individual personnel matters.

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They’re Making an (Anti-Woke) Example of Quakers in their “Christian” School:


[NOTE: This prominent article mentions Quakers 12 times, 11 times favorably. What do Friends think of that?]]

Washington Post
They quit liberal public schools. Now they teach kids to be anti-‘woke.’

By Hannah Natanson — April 15, 2024

Kali and Joshua Fontanilla

Kali Fontanilla used to teach public school in California. Now she leads her own online Christian school in Florida. (Thomas Simonetti for The Washington Post)

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA — Kali Fontanilla repeated the lesson title to herself one last time — “‘A Com-plete History of Slavery in America’” — sipped her peppermint tea and hit record.
“Hello, Exodus students,” she said, addressing the group of 90 fifth- through 12th-graders who would eventually watch the video as part of their lessons from the Exodus Institute, an online Christian K-12 school Kali and her husband founded in 2021 with the motto “Exit Public Education.” The video, which Kali was recording in her guest bedroom-turned-office, was the latest in a special enrichment program dubbed the “Young Patriots Academy,” which aims to “debunk the ‘woke’ lies taught in most public schools,” per the Exodus website.

Kali, who is half Black and half White, had a particular target that Friday: what she calls the left’s unquestioning advocacy of reparations, the theory that the government should pay restitution to descendants of enslaved Americans.
She told her virtual class they were about to learn of the Quakers, and how White members of that religion helped fight slavery. Continue reading They’re Making an (Anti-Woke) Example of Quakers in their “Christian” School:

Durham: Will Another Big Bruising Bathroom Bill Battle Bust Up Bull Durham’s Burgeoning Business Boom?

Protesters in the state legislative building, 2016.

I Woke up this morning to find my (adopted) home town & state made the big-time news AGAIN over our 2024 state election campaign.

Anybody who recalls the NC political scene in 2016 — especially business people and boosters — likely still feels twinges of trauma when the phrase “Bathroom bill” is mentioned.  NC lost billions of dollars in investment and bad press after the Republican-dominated legislature passed the notorious HB2 anti-trans “bathroom bill.”

Anybody, that is, except those topping the 2024 GOP ticket. Their candidate for governor, incumbent Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, is a  certified fire-breather of anti-trans  rhetoric. His latest headlines trumpet a pledge to arrest trans folk who dare to use the “wrong” facilities. His running mate, Michele Morrow, aiming to become state superintendent of schools, mixes  a record of QAnon conspiracy postings with her culture war platform.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, GOP candidate for NC Governor

Who cares about this offensive blather?  According to today’s big Washington Post story, NC business cares.

Not that our local barons of commerce are all rainbow-flag wavers; their favorite color remains cash green. Yet they remember how bad the business backlash got last time, before the current, term-limited governor, Democrat Roy Cooper, was elected. He got HB2 repealed enough so folks could get some relief.

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NC Governor’s Race: It’s a Black & White Choice

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The Democratic attorney general and the Republican lieutenant governor won North Carolina’s primaries for governor on Tuesday, setting the stage for what will be an expensive and highstakes November contest in a state that the two parties see as a pivotal battleground in 2024.

Josh Stein and Mark Robinson, each of whom turned back multiple party rivals, will present a stark contrast for voters in the ninthlargest state’s fall elections.

Stein is a longtime member of North Carolina’s political scene, a lawyer with the endorsement of termlimited Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and a long history of consumer advocacy before and during his time as AG. He’d be the state’s first Jewish governor if elected.

Robinson, meanwhile, is a former factory worker who splashed into conservative circles after a 2018 viral speech to his hometown city council — catapulting him to lieutenant governor in 2020 and the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. He’s North Carolina’s first Black lieutenant governor and would become the state’s first Black governor as well.

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Big Anti-Abortion Squabble Dogs Campaign in Ohio

AP News: Anti-abortion groups are at odds on strategies ahead of Ohio vote. It could be a preview for 2024

Protect? Women? Ohio? Anti-abortion logo.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Abortion opponents in Ohio are at odds not only over how to frame their opposition to a reproductive rights initiative on the states November ballot but also over their longerterm goals on how severely they would restrict the procedure.

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