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Quaker Book Review: “The Living Remnant” Rides Again


The Living Remnant & Other Quaker Tales. By “KKK,” (Edith Florence O’Brien.) Published by Headley Brothers in UK, 1900.

A Friend came across this book and passed along a link. It’s a series of four related stories about a tightly-knit (i. e., very insular) British Quaker meeting community, in about 1875. The “tales” portray, in sequence: an old-fashioned courtship; the subsequent wedding; the final dissolution of a stubbornly backward-looking Quaker faction, fixated on a version of the faith that time has quietly but remorselessly passed by; and then closes with the prospect of possible renewal as well as change.

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Gwynne Dyer on A Great Unknown (To most of us) Norse Saga

The iron sculpture at the L’anse aux Meadows National Historic Site depicting the arrival of the Vikings a thousand years ago. – RF Stock

“If the 20th century AD were dated at the same resolution as the 20th century BC, the two World Wars would be indistinguishable in time; and the Montgomery Bus Boycott might post-date the release of Mandela.”

So wrote the ECHOES team of palaeohistorians at Groningen University in the northern Netherlands — and then they fixed the problem.
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The War On Thanksgiving??

As America heads into the third Thanksgiving since the pandemic, a lot of things look like they’re back to normal:

Families are gathering around the table together and travel is forecast to be at its highest level in decades. Even the anticipated turkey shortage didn’t materialize, according to the USDA. After three long years of socially distanced holidays, we’re back to merely worrying about who might  . . . ruin the feast by shouting at each other about politics. . .

Look closely, though, and there’s one thing that’s strikingly different from how Thanksgiving worked in the long-lost world of November 2019 — and it’s something to be grateful for: A lot of stores will actually close.

Back in the before times, one of the long-festering trends of the fourth weekend of November was the steady encroachment of that bigger holiday scheduled for December. Not long ago, Black Friday didn’t even have a name; by 2019, the signature kickoff event of the Christmas shopping season had bled into Thanksgiving itself.

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So, How’s Your Friday Morning Going?

The remnants of Ex-Hurricane  (now Tropical Depression) Nicole are passing by. How do we know this? Here are clues:

1. 9:45 AM, the radio squeals its alarming BEEP!” And do we have a basement? No.


2. 10:15 AM: Sunshine, and our Cosmos blooms have cutesy raindrops on the stems.

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