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Foie Gras: Begone! And Aroint thee! from the Royal menu!

King Charles: Foie gras banned at royal residences

BBC — November 18, 2022

Sean Coughlan, Royal Correspondent

There will be no foie gras served in royal residences, a letter from Buckingham Palace to animal rights campaigners has confirmed.

King Charles is understood to have been a longstanding opponent of the food, made from the liver of a duck or goose, that campaigners say is cruel.

The King’s household wrote to the Peta campaign group that foie gras was not bought or served in royal residences.

There have been protests about force-feeding used to produce foie gras. Continue reading Foie Gras: Begone! And Aroint thee! from the Royal menu!

Ukraine updates: Kherson Wthdrawal & the War’s Environmental Toll

#1–AP News: EXPLAINER: How important is a Russian retreat from Kherson?

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian officials said Friday that Ukrainian flags were appearing “en masse and all over the place,” in the wake of Russias retreat from the southern region of Kherson, one of the four regions in Ukraine that Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed in September.

The monthslong Ukrainian offensive to recapture the city of Kherson, the only provincial capital that has been under Russian control since the early days of the invasion, is coming to a head. The fall of the city would deal another humiliation to Moscow after a string of battlefield defeats and other setbacks.

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What’s Beyond “Beyond Meat”? Imagine Whirled Peas .. .

Falling sales suggest plant-based meat may be all hat, no cattle

Washington Post

Opinion by Helaine Olen
 — November 7, 2022

The future of plant-based meat was supposed to be cooked to perfection. In recent years, corporate and venture capital funds poured into the space. Fast-food giants such as KFC and Burger King raced to roll out offerings. The meme stock crowd rallied around Beyond Meat. Sales were growing. It would appeal to vegans missing meat! Even better, it would find a following with meat-eaters looking to cut back!

It’s now clear that the hype got ahead of a sometimes less than tasty reality. Sales of plant-based meats in the United States are down by more than 10 percent from this time last year. The issue is basic: The problems fake meat were meant to solve — from the climate impact of industrial farming to the health impacts of meat — are all too real, but the solution it offers appeals to far fewer consumers than expected.

The truth, of course, is that we eat not simply for nutrition, but for enjoyment. Meat offers up a sinewy, gamy, savory experience that is, to date, impossible to reproduce.

When I asked around over a period of weeks, I discovered few fans of processed meat substitutes. “Too chewy,” one friend said. “Mushy,” said another. My older son made a face. The only person I could find who claimed it tasted like the real thing admitted, actually, she hadn’t tasted the real thing in more than 20 years.

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An Election Day Refuge From Campaign News & Punditry

Don’t get me wrong, Friends: of course I’m following the voting day news.

But so is everybody else. And my oft-repeated opinions sound too much like those of the other pundits who are sagacious enough to agree with me. So I’ll give them a rest for now.

Not to mention that the Fair Wendy left for her fateful poll worker stint well before dawn, and will likely be there til after the full moon rises again tonight.

Speaking of which . . .

So here, today, a promise: no more election talk, until maybe sometime tonight, when there are real results to begin chewing over.

The alternatives will not all be serious, nor all frivolous. Because  there are other things to think and talk about, for at least these few hours.

For instance, it’s been way too long since I repeated my warning to the world about that burgeoning threat looming over us, namely,

The Normalization of KALE:


Kale hummus? They’re kidding, right?

Evidently not. I’m not sure if these are the same corporate vampires who brought us this other shocking entry . . .



. . . But I suspect so:

No, just no.

Yet there’s more:

No, really?

Yes, really. (Though I did not actually have to face this concoction with cherries IRL, but just this package made me queasy enough.)

And then there’s . . .

These babies would likely be enough to spark an international incident, what with Italy having just installed an assertive extreme rightwing  government. But at least they don’t have nukes.

I could go on. But as this investigative strip discloses, there are now kale-groomers on the loose. Where will it all end???