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Rushdie on “Free Palestine,” Speaking in Germany

Writer Salman Rushdie: “Free Palestine would be a Taliban state”


Märtyrer der Freiheit: Schriftsteller Salman Rushdie wird seit Jahrzehnten von Islamisten mit dem Tod bedroht. 2022 attackierte ihn ein Mann lebensbedrohlich mit dem Messer, stach ihm das rechte Auge aus. Jetzt präsentierte Rushdie in Berlin sein Buch „Knife“, in dem er den Mordversuch literarisch verarbeitet
[NOTE: This text was published by Die Bild, a German newspaper, and machine-translated from German into English. ]

May 19, 2024

Martyrs of freedom: Writer Salman Rushdie has been threatened with death by Islamists for decades. In 2022, a man attacked him life-threatening with the knife, stabbed him with the right eye. Now Rushdie presented his book “Knife” in Berlin, in which he processes the murder attempt in a literary way.

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Gwynne Dyer: Cease-fire?

Israel, Hamas and the elusive cease fire



Hamas did not need a ceasefire. It had already demonstrated that Israel could not eradicate it. It had achieved its primary goal of wrecking the anti-Iran alliance that was brewing between Israel and the major Arab Gulf states. And it doesn’t care about how many Palestinians get killed; they are all “martyrs” for the cause.

So why would it have agreed to a ceasetire that isn’t permanent?

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AFSC: When the Slides Went Awry, And The Key Questions Weren’t Asked . . .

Brian Blackmore

Last month I attended two presentations by the new AFSC Director of Quaker Engagement, Brian Blackmore, at Durham and Chapel Hill Meetings here in North Carolina.

Blackmore, just a year in the job, is the successor to Lucy Duncan, a longtime AFSC staffer who was unceremoniously fired in early 2022 when she tried to start a staff uprising to stop a major internal reorganization. Continue reading AFSC: When the Slides Went Awry, And The Key Questions Weren’t Asked . . .

Three Timely Reports from Gwynne Dyer, from Ireland, Sudan, Gaza, Haiti & England

Gwynne Dyer remains one of my go-to reporter/analysts on the international scene. Here he brings three recent, revealing and concise snapshots.

Three famines: Gaza, Sudan, and Haiti

Gwynne Dyer

Irish Potato Famine

There are three incipient famines in the world today, and politics is at the root of all of them.

That’s not unusual, actually: Famines are almost always political events.

My family is descended from the Catholic Irish diaspora, and when I was a boy in Newfoundland we would sometimes play the game of “potatoes and point” at the dinner table. We’d point at the potatoes (there was always a bowl of boiled potatoes with the main meal) and say, “May I have a slice of beef” or “I’ll have some more carrots, please.” Continue reading Three Timely Reports from Gwynne Dyer, from Ireland, Sudan, Gaza, Haiti & England

Not exactly a shining moment for U.S. in Gaza

Gaza sealift all about saving face in Washington

There is no need for piers, ships or aircraft to get food into the Gaza Strip. There are lots of roads available.

Besson en route to Gaza
The U.S. Army vessel General Frank S. Besson prepares to depart Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia on Saturday en route to the eastern Mediterranean.

Good news! The U.S. logistical support ship General Frank S. Besson Junior has just sailed from Norfolk, Va., carrying the equipment needed to build a temporary pier off the coast of Gaza. That will enable the U.S. to deliver food to the starving (yes, literally starving) Palestinian population of the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip

Once U.S. President Joe Biden finally decides to do something, it happens fast. Only three days after the White House’s announcement, the General Frank was at sea, and in only 15 more days it will reach the Gaza coast.

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