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Wendy, The Fair Daredevil

A long time ago, before we crossed paths, the Fair Wendy rode a motorcycle from Ohio to Pittsburgh and back, then later to Chicago. She loved the independence, the adventure, and the wind.

Monday was Wendy’s birthday; she’s now — well, never mind. I got her a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle.

She still has the motorcycle, under a tarp behind the house. Fortunately (from my perspective) it’s too rusted to be cranked up.

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Breaking! In The Yard — Monarch Sighting Confirmed!

BREAKING! In The Yard: Confirmed Monarch Butterfly Sighting!

Friday Oct. 28, 2022

Glanced out the front door – a flicker of orange & black. Stepped out and YES! First Monarch sighting In The Yard in two years.





Hey — could you check the mail while you’re over there??











Normally I crop out the black edges, but here I think they bring up the Monarch’s wings.


Mid-October Update: In The Yard

As usual, her feline highness Katherine (aka Kitty) provides oversight, as this is her domain.
A doughty Zinnia holds out as the morning glories close in; this struggle is still ongoing, but we removed most of the MGs this weekend, hoping some cold nights are coming to aid in reclaiming the occupied territory.
Many of the late roses have at least a few days of glamour, especially when there’s a morning shower to help with accessorizing.
My favored feral ones, Oxalis, still shines on us from low in the grass roots.


The yellow/green combo in Japonica seems to go well with the roses.
These asters are one of the smallest and latest of bloomers, but they bring brightness back to The Yard, and are of some help to the last umbering bumblebees.



In The Yard . . . And Beyond (A Little Way)

In The Yard:  Only the toughest Zinnias survive the Morning Glories . . .

There are still a scattering of roses among the yellow-green Japonica . . . And feeling adventurous, we went to a rare lunch  out . . .

At the favorite Hispanic/Salvadoran place, where prices are up, alas, but comfort food is still comfort food, and they must be doing okay because the interior has been colorfully snazzed up. . .