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A New Book: A Quaker’s Life in Our “Interesting,” Tumultuous Times

Emma Lapsansky-Werner and Chuck Fager at the Quaker History Roundtable, summer of 2017

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NPR Suspends Internal Critic


AP News: NPR suspends editor who criticized his employer for what he calls an unquestioned liberal worldview

Uri Berliner

NEW YORK (AP) — National Public Radio has suspended a veteran editor who wrote an outside essay criticizing his employer for, in his view, journalism that reflects a liberal viewpoint with little tolerance for contrary opinions.

Uri Berliner, a senior editor on NPRs business desk, was suspended five days without pay, according to an article posted Tuesday by NPRs media correspondent, David Folkenflik. He wrote that Berliner was told he violated the companys policy that it must approve work done for outside news organizations.

Berliner told NPR that he was not appealing the suspension. An NPR spokeswoman said the company would not comment on individual personnel matters.

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Will NPR’s Internal Dissenter Outlast My Cabbage??

Will NPR’s public dissenter lose his job before the cabbage in my fridge goes under the knife?

There’s a purple cabbage in my fridge. Cabbages will last pretty long if they are kept cold. But I plan to take it out one day soon, chop it up, then cook it with onions in a simple but delectable recipe I learned from my late lamented next door neighbor, Ms. Hazel.  It’s good.

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Gwynne Dyer On the Navalny Murder

By Gwynne Dyer

Feb. 19, 2024

Vladimir Putin’s regime had been assassinating Chechen warlords, defectors from the Russian intelligence services and sundry wayward oligarchs for years, but its first political murder was the hit on high-profile journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was gunned down in her Moscow apartment in 2006 — and so it has been ever since.

Anna Politkovskaya,

Attacks on Russian ex-intelligence agents on foreign soil, however, are conducted more discreetly, by poisonings, not by mob-style shootings, e.g. Alexander Litvinenko, killed in London by radioactive polonium-200 dropped in his tea, and Sergei Skripal, poisoned by the nerve agent novichok smeared on his doorknob (but survived) in Salisbury, England.
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Thursday Grand Slam ‘Toons

Elsewhere on The Hill . . .

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And — Why Don’t We Do It in The — Seats??

Last but not least: All the Cool Scribes want this shirt . . .

Oh wait — All Joking Aside, Don’t Forget! Stay Strong, UAW!!