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First Trump Post-Conviction Poll

Reuters: United States

Exclusive: One in 10 Republicans less likely to vote for Trump after guilty verdict, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds

By Jason Lange
May 31, 2024

WASHINGTON, May 31 (Reuters) – Ten percent of Republican registered voters say they are less likely to vote for Donald Trump following his felony conviction for falsifying business records to cover up a hush money payment to a porn star, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll that closed on Friday.

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Will NPR’s Internal Dissenter Outlast My Cabbage??

Will NPR’s public dissenter lose his job before the cabbage in my fridge goes under the knife?

There’s a purple cabbage in my fridge. Cabbages will last pretty long if they are kept cold. But I plan to take it out one day soon, chop it up, then cook it with onions in a simple but delectable recipe I learned from my late lamented next door neighbor, Ms. Hazel.  It’s good.

But this post isn’t about a recipe. It’s  echoing a vegetable question I read about while dipping into online newspapers from England in late October 2022. Continue reading Will NPR’s Internal Dissenter Outlast My Cabbage??

Durham: Will Another Big Bruising Bathroom Bill Battle Bust Up Bull Durham’s Burgeoning Business Boom?

Protesters in the state legislative building, 2016.

I Woke up this morning to find my (adopted) home town & state made the big-time news AGAIN over our 2024 state election campaign.

Anybody who recalls the NC political scene in 2016 — especially business people and boosters — likely still feels twinges of trauma when the phrase “Bathroom bill” is mentioned.  NC lost billions of dollars in investment and bad press after the Republican-dominated legislature passed the notorious HB2 anti-trans “bathroom bill.”

Anybody, that is, except those topping the 2024 GOP ticket. Their candidate for governor, incumbent Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, is a  certified fire-breather of anti-trans  rhetoric. His latest headlines trumpet a pledge to arrest trans folk who dare to use the “wrong” facilities. His running mate, Michele Morrow, aiming to become state superintendent of schools, mixes  a record of QAnon conspiracy postings with her culture war platform.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, GOP candidate for NC Governor

Who cares about this offensive blather?  According to today’s big Washington Post story, NC business cares.

Not that our local barons of commerce are all rainbow-flag wavers; their favorite color remains cash green. Yet they remember how bad the business backlash got last time, before the current, term-limited governor, Democrat Roy Cooper, was elected. He got HB2 repealed enough so folks could get some relief.

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Mark Robinson Update: Saggy Pants Worse Than KKK (& More)

The Washington Post

By Hannah Knowles
 — March 20, 2024 

[Excerpt] Planned Parenthood. Men with saggy pants. People who tore down Confederate flags and monuments. The Rev. Al Sharpton.

Mark Robinson, the GOP nominee in one of this year’s most competitive governor’s races, has declared them all comparable to or worse than the Ku Klux Klan in social media posts that have drawn little attention.

The posts are part of a long record of comments ranging from provocative to bigoted that are getting more scrutiny as the campaign heats up in North Carolina — and that some Republicans worry will be a liability in a battleground state.
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Is QAnon the Future of North Carolina Education?? It’s On The Ballot!

Enforcing school discipline can sometimes mean imposing tough penalties.

— Writing something 50 times on the board?
— Time-outs?
— Detention after school?

Michele Morrow, communicating

Naaah. Wishy-washy liberal mush. Michele Morrow, who hopes to be elected state superintendent of public instruction, says it’s time to get serious about public schooling in North Carolina:

— How so? Maybe by boycotting the public system? Morrow prepared to run the North Carolina public schools by homeschooling her own kids, so they never spent a  day in them.

— Or what about by joining a coup? Morrow was in the crowd at the U. S. Capitol on January 6 2021 as part of the drive to “Stop the Steal.” Morrow told the Raleigh News & Observer that “I broke no laws . . . I damaged no property. I did not enter the Capitol Building.”  Maybe. But she also posted a video from there declaring “We are here to ensure that President Trump gets four more years.” (Aka= overthrow a lawful election.)

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