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Carolina Headache for Number 45

From The State, Charleston South Carolina

As Trump visits Carolina-Clemson game, billboards taunting him await. Here’s what they say


One of eight electronic billboards broadcasting an anti-Trump message Saturday Nov. 25 as Trump makes his way into Columbia for the USC-Clemson game. PAUL OSMUNDSON

As former President Donald Trump makes his way into Columbia Saturday for the Carolina-Clemson game, traffic and tailgating may not be the only things he sees. Seven electronic billboards around the Midlands are rotating an anti-Trump message:

“You Lost.
You’re Guilty.
Welcome to Columbia, Donald.” Continue reading Carolina Headache for Number 45

Maybe The Best Column I Never Read; Plus Many of the Best Typos

Washington Post

From, “Behind a pseudonym, literary provocation”

James Campbell’s ‘NB by J.C.’ brings together the columns of an incendiary cultural critic. . . .

By Michael Dirda
 –  May 12, 2023

James. Campbell, aka J. C. In N. B., in the TLS.

Even before catching up with the latest scholarly kerfuffle in the Letters column, readers of Britain’s Times Literary Supplement turn first to its last page. There, one can find a weekly feature somewhat enigmatically titled NB, the Latin abbreviation for “nota bene,” which could be translated as “pay close attention.”

Overall, NB might be loosely described as a gossip column for the erudite, but during the first 20 years of the present century, James Campbell made it into something more — a uniquely personal miscellany of wit, weirdness and waspish provocation. Continue reading Maybe The Best Column I Never Read; Plus Many of the Best Typos

Fanone Blasts CNN Over Trump Show; CNN’s Boss Stands Back & Stands By


Michael Fanone, one of the police officers assaulted during the Capitol riot, has slammed CNN for hosting a town hall event featuring Donald Trump — the man he says “tried to get me killed.”

Biden Capitol Riot (Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)The retired DC Metropolitan Police officer and now regular CNN contributor penned an essay in Rolling Stone explaining the “sucker punch” he felt when the network announced that the former president would be included in a special town hall event, comparing it to a “rehabilitation party.” Continue reading Fanone Blasts CNN Over Trump Show; CNN’s Boss Stands Back & Stands By

“Fear Speech” vs “Hate Speech”: An Important Distinction

From, The New York Times:

[NOTE: I learned something valuable from this piece: “fear speech” is distinct from (but closely related to) “hate speech,” and its emergence in research further complicates such tangled issues as how to preserve free speech in the toxic media culture we seem stuck in. I didn’t find simple or easy solutions here. But being enabled to think more clearly about what we’re facing — to me that’s progress. Check it out.]

Few Are Addressing One of Social Media’s Greatest Perils

By Julia Angwin — May 6, 2023

Ms. Angwin is a contributing Opinion writer and an investigative journalist.

[F]ear is weaponized even more than hate by leaders who seek to spark violence. Hate is often part of the equation, of course, but fear is almost always the key ingredient when people feel they must lash out to defend themselves.

Continue reading “Fear Speech” vs “Hate Speech”: An Important Distinction