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2022: The Aftermath – Part 1

Imagine that these dreaded midterms are over.

What happens next?

As to the electoral results “que sera sera,” what will be, will be. No predictions will be offered here, except this one:

Whatever the outcome, I am dead-sure it will not be the end of our national time of trial. Win lose or draw, the authoritarian forces will still be busy, expanding on the battering ram impact of their captive Supreme Court, using it and Congress to buttress and expand minority rule in and beyond the so-called red states.

Even if progressives win some key races, I expect they will still feel, and be, largely on the defensive.

Further, as soon as the polls close on November 8, the political and media focus will shift to the next horse race in 2024. That struggle will surely be momentous, and the chatter about it nonstop. But here I’ll mainly ignore it.

Instead, I’m going to consider the 2022 aftermath from an insular, even sectarian perspective, that of my faith group, the Quakers, or Religious Society of Friends. Continue reading 2022: The Aftermath – Part 1

Quote of the Weekend: Jamelle Bouie Does It Again

Jamelle Bouie is increasingly a voice crying in the wilderness, and increasingly important to read and remember, as in these excerpts:

Minority Rule Is Steadily Undermining Our Democracy — Again

Jamelle Bouie, New York Times –  Oct. 21, 2022: Continue reading Quote of the Weekend: Jamelle Bouie Does It Again