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Air-Conditioned Cartoons

Too many indulgences for the carburetor??



More of the Texas Gospel According to Greg & Ron . . .

Just papering over our differences??

I hear the streaming version is a bomb . . .

I kept telling Grandpa to stay away from that recycling bin . . .


Cluster Bombs to Ukraine? They Say No.

Here’s why supplying Ukraine with cluster munitions would be a terrible mistake

Left, Jeff Merkley, former Sen. Pat Leahy

Opinion by Patrick Leahy and Jeff Merkley

Patrick Leahy, a Democrat, is a former U.S. senator from Vermont. Jeff Merkley, a Democrat, is a U.S. senator from Oregon who serves on the Foreign Relations Committee.

A few weeks after the Kremlin launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine last year, reports from the battlefield revealed that Russian troops were using cluster munitions against Ukrainian targets.
This news prompted a top U.S. official, as well as observers from dozens of other countries and humanitarian organizations, to denounce Moscow’s use of a weapon widely recognized as causing disproportionate civilian casualties. Continue reading Cluster Bombs to Ukraine? They Say No.

Bambi Revisited: Much More than Disney

The Guardian

Lucy Knight — March 21, 2023

Gunned down and burned by the Nazis: the shocking true story of Bambi

Walt Disney made Bambi a cutesy schmaltzfest for kids. But the original story was a brutal allegory by a Jewish writer who later fled the Nazis. As the character hits 100, we look at the iconic fawn’s extraordinary life.

When Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury announced that they had named their daughter Bambi earlier this year, it caused a bit of a storm. Some approving fans claimed to be “obsessed” with the name, but Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona called it “ridiculous” (although she later apologised).

Continue reading Bambi Revisited: Much More than Disney

Another “Rapture” Movie Is Here; But The End Is Not Really Near

[NOTE: Luckily, I didn’t grow up evangelical, but old-style Catholic, which had its own hallways of horror. But that’s another story, or stories. The theology underlying the Rapture genre goes back to about 1830, and the work of a British preacher/teacher, John Nelson Darby. It’s commonly called Dispensationalism, and has spawned innumerable sects, rivalries, splits, and turgid novels. For more on its history and varieties, go here.]

I grew up evangelical. Terrifying rapture films scarred me for ever

The Guardian

Tales of wars, plagues and starvation left my friends and me fearing we’d be ‘left behind’. They haunt me to this day

Josiah Hesse — Wed 1 Feb 2023
After millions of people vanish from existence, the world is thrown into violent anarchy, the streets a playground of theft, murder, rape, looting and suicide.

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Dems on the Offense! A Compelling TV ad for reproductive rights

California Dem. Congressman Eric Swalwell  is  throwing down hard in his competitive re-election campaign. His new TV ad is a shocker:

Lock Her Up Ad- Swalwell

It’s titled “Lock Her Up!” (Hint : it’s NOT about Hillary)

Look it over. It’s 90 seconds you won’t forget.

You may want to pass it on.

And you may want to pass it on:

Swalwell ad click here