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From Politico: Under the Radar, Many DC cops are Coup-sympathizers, or Worse —Politico


Uganda Prez Blinks, Delays New, U.S. Evangelical-Backed “Kill Gays” Law: Debate Continues

[NOTE: Given the heavy U.S.-based support for this draconian law, it behooves allies of LGBTQ folks to speak out about this, and keep pressure on U.S. and Uganda officials to oppose it.]


The Guardian

Uganda’s president refuses to sign new hardline anti-gay bill

Yoweri Museveni sends bill imposing death penalty for homosexuality back to parliament for unspecified changes

Gwynne Dyer: The Northern Irish “Troubles” Are Over. Will they Stay Over?

[NOTE: I once seriously considered retiring in Ireland. It was 2010 and, closing in on 70, I wondered if there were any peaceable options to the ongoing mess and mass shootings in the USA.

Initially, Ireland seemed to be several positives: ancestral ties (O’Brien was my mother’s maiden name); a similar language; a reported friendliness to writers;  Quakers had been there for 300+ years; and after a decade of intensive peace work amid seemingly endless stupid wars, the fact that Ireland was neutral, not even in NATO, sounded good to me. Continue reading Gwynne Dyer: The Northern Irish “Troubles” Are Over. Will they Stay Over?

This is NOT a Day for Schadenfreude!

Who am I kidding?

There’s an old Zen koan, that goes like this:

”Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

Substitute “indictment” for “enlightenment”, and it might be the most proper motto for today:

As I write, the sun is coming up, just as it always has.

A neighbor is warming up his big pickup, as usual, before heading out to work.

The cat is mewing to be fed.

A credit card bill, open on the table, still needs to be paid.

And the New York City District attorney issued an indictment for falsifying business records, just as he is reliably reported to have done more than a hundred times since his re-election.

Which makes it time to celebrate. (I don’t usually chop wood here, enlightened or not; but I’ll carry some water later.)

The party was on before I got “woke” yesterday, this time from an actual afternoon nap. The Queens Daily Eagle gets the blue ribbon for the best headline:

And who could surpass the barbed sweetness of spirit that A. A. Milne brings?

Already, HRC, in her finest Methodist drab, is planning a mission of mercy . . .

Which reminds me, over at Rikers, 45’s bean counter Allen Weisselberg is already busy as his advance man.

They’re especially concerned about an inmate down the cellblock hallway, Dave Somebody. He’s doing a long stretch for reading “Mockingbird” to fifth graders, and now refuses to wear clothes.

Due to staff shortages, they’ve had to call in reinforcements, and the effort has been dogged by artistic differences:

The New York Story-reading Brunch look wowed some critics, but there were dissenters.

Personally I thought the hair was okay, but the gown —well, it showed a bit more leg than necessary.  Tho for Pete’s sake, the ensemble wasn’t so problematic that it justified calling in Bernie . . .

But look, count on a cranky independent Vermonter to skip the glam, stay warm, and get the job done.

And if that’s not enough to keep up 45’s morale, there’s always the chaplain, direct from the Greater Queens MAGA Tabernacle, who visits regularly, bringing messages from his old pal JC . . .

“No, Donald, there’s no ‘e’ — it’s spelled ‘p-A-r-d-o-n’. That’s better.”

Yes, like He said in his book, we must all enter the Kingdom like little children, or maybe undocumented migrants, so he’ll bring 45’s own special version, which goes something like this. . .

What more could I hope to add?

Maybe that, after breakfast, perhaps I’ll go out and chop some wood.



Yikes! The Next President could be A Gitmo Torture-Meister & Human Rights Shredder

[NOTES: I protested Gitmo and the U. S. torture program for years during the Iraqi-stan wars. There were a number of names from that horrible and still unaddressed period: Rumsfeld, Cheney (Dick, tho Liz agrees) W and more.

Now there’s another one: a newbie Navy lawyer, aggressive, all-in, ambitious. Also unknown.

But not unknown anymore: Ron DeSantis.

This Washington Post deep-dive fills in his record as a key cog in the Gitmo machinery, and later, in Congress, a staunch defender of all that it represents. (He is now a presidential aspirant who is, among other things, completely ignoring questions from the Post.) the piece shows that he could truly add a new campaign cap to his growing collections, beyond “Don’t Say Gay” and, “Up Yours, Mickey!” With  this new boast: “Proud Vet of Gitmo: Where Human & Constitutional Rights (Still) Go To Die.”

We just thought you ought to know.

DeSantis’s pivotal service at Guantánamo during a violent year

Washington Post — March 21, 2023

‘Hey, you can actually force-feed,’ Ron DeSantis said he advised, endorsing a practice detainee lawyers described as torture
By Michael Kranish
 –  March 19, 2023

Ron DeSantis was a 27-year-old Navy lawyer fresh out of Harvard Law School when he arrived in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, amid an escalating crisis at the U.S. military base.

Continue reading Yikes! The Next President could be A Gitmo Torture-Meister & Human Rights Shredder