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Freedom Schools Are Back! (Starting In Florida)

[NOTE: Freedom schools were a key element of 1960s civil rights activism in the deep South. Their important legacy is no longer only history, but is now being revived and reinvented, starting in Florida, as resistance to resurgent racism in education. What a great idea.]

Washington Post

After Florida restricts Black history, churches step up to teach it


By Brittany Shammas
 — September 24, 2023

Lynching memorial (detail)), Montgomery Alabama, Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).

MIAMI — They filed into the pews one after the other on a sweltering Wednesday night, clutching Bibles and notepads, ready to learn at church what they no longer trusted would be taught at school.

“BLACK HISTORY MATTERS” proclaimed television screens facing the several dozen men and women settling in at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. An institution in the predominantly Black neighborhood of Liberty City,

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Quaker Book Giveaway: Turning the Page on Florida Censorship

Florida Quakers give away hundreds of Black-history books

BOOK GIVEAWAY A SUCCESS — Members of the DeLand Quakers stand in front of a portion of the books on Black history collected to be distributed at the recent rescheduled Juneteenth celebration. In front, from left, are Kathy Hersh, Heba Ismael, Carol Reed and Bill Brennan. In the back row, same order, are Jim Cain, Beverly Ward, John Heimburg and Bill Kwalwasser. PHOTO COURTESY KATHY HERSH

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Cartoons for an “Unfunny” Time

Upside down much?

It doesn’t seem there’s any way around it: so far, 2023 is a Big Bust as far as editorial cartoons go.

We now have proof of that, at least in the form that counts for the educated classes, a statement by an elite college professor, Continue reading Cartoons for an “Unfunny” Time

Gun Violence: Has the Political/Cultural Tide Begun to Turn?


[NOTE: I admit, that after all the years of defeat for serious gun safety and gun violence protection efforts, it’s hard for me to shake those Rotten Old Gun-Violence-Is-Inevitable Blues.
Even Joe Biden’s striking success last summer seems more like a blip than an actual inflection point. But maybe, hopefully I’m wrong about that. Maybe there’s a sea change underway, and possibly the era of the unstoppable NRA is ending.  That’s the case this essay makes. If it proves out, it could be seriously, even amazing good news.]

New York Times — OPINION


Republicans Are Breaking With the N.R.A., and It’s Because of Us

Mr. Cullen is the author of “Columbine” and “Parkland.”

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