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Cartoons for an “Unfunny” Time

Upside down much?

It doesn’t seem there’s any way around it: so far, 2023 is a Big Bust as far as editorial cartoons go.

We now have proof of that, at least in the form that counts for the educated classes, a statement by an elite college professor, Continue reading Cartoons for an “Unfunny” Time

Threefer Thursday: Briefs About Everything (Well, Almost)

[Midday wrap-up: Three short but trenchant items (with an extra about the boreal Forest), covering wars (present and maybe future); climate change tipping points; and not least, why confronting Gov. Ron DeSantis’s racist war on “woke” head-on is a big progressive mistake. Check them all out!]

# 1-Wars & Rumors of War: Looking to the hard lessons learned in Ukraine for how to head off war with China

War between the Chinese and Americans is ‘not inevitable, although it is certainly possible

Gwynne Dyer · Columnist — Feb. 3, 2023

US Navy crew collecting Chinese spy balloon debris

“I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me we will fight (with China) in 2025,” declared U.S. Air Force General Mike Minihan last weekend.

He didn’t mention what his crotch told him, or if he ever consulted his head on the matter. Continue reading Threefer Thursday: Briefs About Everything (Well, Almost)