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Triple-Double-Bogey: PGA is now a Saudi Apologist

[NOTE: Probably the only post on golf here . . . Unless the merger is squashed.]

Jessica Karl — Bloomberg Opinion

Saudi Sweat Equity

I am going to be honest with you: I am not a golf girlie. I wish I was! The outfits? So chic. The greens? Impeccable. The clubhouse quesadillas? Divine. But the one time I played nine holes, I got yelled at by some lady who was late for her poetry reading because I was going too slowly.

Source: Trung Phan, Twitter

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Syria’s Butcher is Welcomed Back by the Arab League

Syria’s Bashar Assad is being rehabilitated

by Gwynne Dyer, Opinion columnist – May 15, 2023

Syria-War damage

“There is no such word as ‘auto-genocide,’ but that would describe what Assad has done to his own country over the past 12 years.”

There is no justice. Bashar al-Assad, the murderous Syrian dictator whose membership even the Arab League suspended 12 years ago, is off to Riyadh this week to celebrate his admission back into the organization. He will pay no price for his many crimes against humanity: The name of the game now is not retribution but “rehabilitation.” Continue reading Syria’s Butcher is Welcomed Back by the Arab League

Gwynne Dyer on Mass Shootings


Here’s how to sound wise when writing a story about mass killings and gun control. Last week saw two such massacres in Serbia (eight deaths and nine deaths respectively) and only one in the United States (eight killed in a mall in Allen, Texas).

By Gwynne Dyer, in Opinion · May 8, 2023

There was another mass killing in Texas on Saturday in the border city of Brownsville, but it was by car, so it doesn’t count. Never mind. We still have enough to work with.

Start with striking quotes from the relevant authorities. “We walked around like zombies for 24 hours, not believing what has happened and looking for reasons,” said Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, who began his political career as a far-right Serbian nationalist during the Yugoslav civil wars.

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