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This is Why they still call it Cape FEAR . . .

I have friends who are shocked that I drink bottled water, and have for years. This article explains why. I have lived in this “forever chemical-soaked” region for 20 years. Someday (maybe; not very likely) this toxic horror show will get fixed. In the meantime, I have to drink water every day. I choose stuff that’s been filtered a few times more than what comes from the top; so sue me.

The cast of villains here includes everybody’s favorites: for lefties, big corporations spew the poisons nonstop & laugh at regulations. For righties, “big government” has spent lots and failed miserably; so too have the “small” & supposedly “closer-to-the-people” units: cities, counties, the state. For nativists, foreigners (esp. China) are in on it too, owning the world’s biggest hog slaughterhouse nearby. Etc.  Maybe we should try that old standby, Thoughts and prayers.

I welcome the exposure this article delivers. But I’m more than a little jaded: in these twenty years, big journalistic exposés have floated by every few years. Usually they’re pretty good, now and then a reporter gets a prize. And nothing seems to change.   So take a look, while I go refill some plastic jugs at our community co-op superfilter water machine.

The Guardian —by Tom Perkins — July 12, 2022

Cancer and questions plague North Carolina residents of PFAS-polluted region

Exposure to harmful PFAS remains almost impossible to escape – particularly for the people of the Cape Fear River basin.

Cancer fears plague residents of US region polluted by ‘forever chemicals’ Continue reading This is Why they still call it Cape FEAR . . .