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Dyer- Climate Tipping Points Are In Sight & Near

Gwynne Dyer  — Climate Crisis Speeding Up

What we’re seeing is climate impacts that scientists thought would accompany certain temperatures happening far more rapidly, with far more devastating effects than had been forecast,” said Dr. Simon Nicholson of the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment at American University.

“We didn’t think that the Arctic would crash by now, and yet it’s almost gone. We didn’t think we’d be seeing these wildfires in Australia and the United States and elsewhere with the frequency and severity that they’re being seen.

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Gwynne Dyer: Two Long-Range Weather Reports

Gwynne Dyer — July 12, 2023

Boing! Just like that! The Anthropocene officially started on July 11, we’re not in the Holocene anymore.

Dr. Katherine Richardson

That golden age of warm, stable climate in which humans started farming, grew their population a thousandfold, and created high-energy, hi-tech civilizations is at an end.

“I was there when the Anthropocene was born. It was so amazing,” said Dr. Katherine Richardson, leader of the Sustainability Science Centre at the University of Copenhagen. “It was actually in 2000, at one of these meetings of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Scientific Steering Committee.” Continue reading Gwynne Dyer: Two Long-Range Weather Reports

Gwynne Dyer: Could insurance companies help with the climate crisis?

Insurance firms to the rescue?

By: Gwynne Dyer — Jun. 9, 2023


California’s fall from grace has been steep and swift, and now even the insurance companies are pulling out. The two biggest American home insurance companies, State Farm and Allstate, announced last week that they will stop selling insurance policies to Californians.

Why? Climate change-related wildfires are making it too risky to insure Californian houses. Continue reading Gwynne Dyer: Could insurance companies help with the climate crisis?

Bad Air from Canada Fires Now In Carolina: Breathe With Care!

A thousand miles north of me, wildfires are roaring in eastern Canada. 

In Quebec, the horizons are blanketed with an all-day hazy twilight. Forecasters say more is coming.

The wildfire smoke has been blown south by north Atlantic winds. Today (June 7) it’s raising alarms in our part of North  Carolina.
On the map of NC below, there are three rows of red counties outlined in black. Just to the right in the middle row is one outlined in another shade of red: that’s Durham, where we are. The red doesn’t refer to politics, but to the level of smoke pollution; red is highest, and most hazardous. I think we’re stuck here, so maybe we’ll have to skip breathing for awhile.