Coming June 14 from “Tell It Slant”: Encouraging Rejections

Check back tomorrow for the second in a series of excerpts from Tell It Slant, the new biography of Chuck Fager by Emma Lapsansky-Werner.

“Fearless, fabulous, flawed (and funny), Chuck Fager holds Quakers’ feet to the fire mostly so that we might see the Light again and become better Friends. Whether you love him or loathe him (do Quakers do that?!), he’s played a critical role as a truth teller and advocate for social justice in the Society of Friends over the past 50+ years. A long overdue volume that chronicles his capers and paints as truthful a picture of the man himself as his own exposés of his beloved community.”
— Jane Orion Smith, former General Secretary,
Canadian Friends Service Committee

The first excerpt is here:

4 thoughts on “Coming June 14 from “Tell It Slant”: Encouraging Rejections”

      1. I intend to donate my print copy of Tell It Slant to the Multnomah Meeting library when I am done reading it.

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