One thought on “My Christmas Card for 2021”

  1. Hi Chuck,

    Our government is indeed at a point where fascism, self-perpetuating autocratic, dictatorial government, must be resisted.

    The challenge is larger than we are led to think. Most businesses are run as autocratic, dictatorial organizations.

    Most families are run as autocratic, dictatorial organizations based on age. at the least.

    And even if we accept equality in decision-making, in our personal relationships how often do we raise our voices and adopt a stern tone, in voice and our “mien” in order to get our way? Fascism starts at home.

    A “better way” has been evident at least from the Axial Age. From an optimistic perspective, we are still a work in progress, that long arc that bends toward justice. From a pessimistic perspective, we sure are taking a long time to “get” what humanity has known for at least 2700 years or so.

    Quakers are not exempt from fascism, as the history of Lucretia Mott and her home Meeting demonstrates.

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