Sedition Watch, Two Dispatches: Civil War; and He Wanted to Puke

Pickett's Charge-Civil War
Civil War, the romanticized view.

First item: here’s most of a Letter to the Editor of our local North Carolina paper published on May 30, followed by a question to ponder:

<< The man in our White House is plunging our country into a civil war, dividing the citizens in this great United States. He is determined to destroy us, from within and from without, one way or another.

 On the inside, he says states cannot take it upon themselves to enforce federal law to protect their state from drugs, drug lords, weapons sales, murder, kidnapping and destruction of property caused by illegal immigrants coming into the U.S.

On the outside, he is disarming our country, thinking he is encouraging peace and favor with our enemies when the enemy does nothing except lie. He apologizes for us being a free and patriotic people.

He has spent and is spending money like a man gone wild from day one, always in a helicopter or Air Force One going somewhere to politic or have a photo op.

He is going to cause our country to collapse under a mountain of debt with programs he proposed and a stupid Congress voted into law.

We fear for our children and grandchildren. What have some of the American people voted into the White House?

A man gone greedy for power and control of the greatest nation on Earth. He is unpatriotic and pretends to be a Christian. How can we take three more years of this?

Dead troops-civil war
Civil war, the view of the losers; a few of several hundred thousand dead, on both sides.
Women weeping for thir dead
Here is where talk of civil war leads. Have some folks forgotten?


A “civil war”? “How can we take three more years . . .?” This is dangerous rhetoric. The paper is published near Ft. Bragg, where they stay on high alert against infiltration or subversion. I hope the appropriate authorities were taking note.


Second Item, from a Midwestern state, June 7: He Wanted To Puke

A friend reports that he was at a restaurant and overheard a lady say she wished someone would shoot President Obama.

Now, where would she get an idea like that?? Could it be . . .?

Assassination of Lincoln
One result of such murderous talk.

The friend was appalled, got up and told her so, and she apologized. Then she said, “I’m a Christian. It’s up to the Lord to judge, not me.” As if the only thing out of line was her judgmental attitude, not her call for assassination. The friend says he wanted to puke.

Secret Service star
Secret Service star

I’m glad he spoke up. But I wish he had done more. I wish he had asked for her name, and then informed her he was going to send it to the Secret Service.

When this friend mentioned the incident online, he got dozens of responses talking about forgiveness and forbearance and patience and so forth.

That’s all as may be. But talk like that is not solely a matter for prayer and all that pious stuff. Such ideas have very definite consequences, which could be fatal.

/images/” alt=”Assassination of Garfield” width=”432″ height=”294″ /> President James Garfield is shot, 1881. He died several weeks later from his wound.[/caption]

You see, it’s NOT ONLY for the Lord to judge. In such cases, the Secret Service has a call to make too. Not about heaven or hell. About life and death.

The Secret Service deserved to be called because even if that individual had no intention of acting on it, her expressions are the breeding ground of murderers, just as stagnant pools down here breed blood-sucking, disease-carrying mosquitoes.

I’m not worried here about what a forgiving god will do. I am concerned that those with the concrete responsibility to protect the family in the White House have help from citizens.

President McKinley is shot, 1901.
President William McKinley is shot, 1901. He died a few days later.

Don’t know if I’d have had the courage to do what I’ve recommended; but I’m convinced it’s the right course.

Martin Luther King under arrest
Martin Luther King under arrest

I once worked for Dr. Martin Luther King. I saw how he got death threats almost every day. Most of them were just talk.

 But a significant number were more. I personally know of two in my short time with him, that were very real, but were foiled. One later plot finally succeeded; others could have.

Martin Luther King Jr. tomb
Dr. King’s tomb, Atlanta

 I expect the Secret Service is plenty busy already, protecting the current president. But I think they would have been interested in my friend’s information, and they should be.

The Secret Service’s field office phone numbers are all here

Their website points out that they are not interested in hearing about political opposition to the president. If the lady in question had said she hoped the president would be defeated, or even impeached, that’s dissent, and it’s free speech and not their concern.

Instead she said she hoped somebody would SHOOT him.

Over the line. It’s not a tough call.

Next time we hear such talk, friends, let’s pick up the phone. It’s the patriotic thing to do.

2 thoughts on “Sedition Watch, Two Dispatches: Civil War; and He Wanted to Puke”

  1. “The Secret Service’s field office phone numbers are all here”

    OMG their “overseas” field offices are mostly IN CANADA!!!

    OK, Americans, I know CSIS has serious problems (Google “CSIS scandal”, this is only one of about a million hits that come up), not to mention the ongoing governance issues we are having with trying to get the Canadian Reform Alliance Party out of power (the acronym is apt) but really, honestly? We can run our own country, thanks. I know you don’t believe that, but seriously, we really really can.

    Although I now suddenly have a much clearer understanding of the scandals surrounding the US arrests/deportation/detention/torture of Canadian citizens they have been engaging in….

    (And how is Canada, I wonder, exactly considered to be “overseas”, anyway?)

    Chuck responds: For the benefit of my benighted fellow countrypersons, let’s note that CSIS is Canada’s counterpart to the CIA. And hey, not only can you run your own country, I’d let you run the US for at least a few years to get some of our unholy messes cleaned up. In fact, I’m a longtime fan of that legendary site (and movement) Canadian World Domination — I just wish they’d hurry up and take over.

  2. in this case, we are in full agreement. Speak all you want about free speech, but conspiricy to commit a crime, or calling for others to commit crime is criminal and wrekless.

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