“The Sword of Peace” — 44th Season Opens Thursday

“The Sword of Peace” — Now, More Than Ever

Thursday July 6 is Opening Night for the 44th season of the Snow Camp NC Historical Drama series.

The “curtain” will rise at 8 PM, for “The Sword of Peace.” This gripping outdoor drama is based on actual events related to the American Revolution, in which many Quakers were involved. Convictions of patriotism, Quaker religious devotion to peace, courage, suffering and mercy all clashed in the historic Battle of Guilford Court House in 1781. This will be its 44th season.
Then on Thursday July 13th, “Pathway to Freedom” begins its 23rd year at Snow Camp. This is the exciting saga of the Underground Railroad, when courageous black men and women risked life itself to escape slavery, aided by NC Quakers and other daring whites.
These original plays have thrilled thousands of visitors from all over America and beyond.
These shows will alternate until August 19th. The full schedule, including Wednesday & Saturday children’s shows, is below.

Here are some  photos from the recent dress rehearsal of “The Sword of Peace.” An album with more photos is here. An album of “Pathway to Freedom” will be posted soon.

Getting into costume: back to the 1770s and 1780s.

Yes, even in 1781, a lad wouldn’t want to face a revolution without his gecko.

The play opens with Business Meeting at Cane Creek Friends Meeting. It is a solemn time, especially during “outward commotions” — i.e., war. (And yes, Virginia, there really is a Cane Creek, and a Cane Creek Meeting. But they’re in North Carolina.)

Thomas Hadley, raised a Quaker at Cane Creek, commits a grave infraction — “marrying out” of meeting.

Soon Hadley, at left below, becomes a reluctant, conflicted ex-Quaker soldier with the Continental “rebel” forces.

He has been taught not to join “wars and fightings.” But he loves his new country. Is it right to kill for it?

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Private Hadley seeks spiritual & practical counsel from General Nathanael Greene, who George Washington said was his best war-fighting commander.

Greene was raised a Quaker, disowned when he joined the revolutionary forces & took up arms. Greene has words of wisdom for the troubled recruit.

The royal troops fire on rebels.

Fighting rages. Many fall. Soon Thomas Hadley, ex-Quaker soldier, comes to his moment of truth: will he now kill his “enemy”?

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After the Battle of Guilford Court House, mourning one of the many casualties.

Area Quakers, including some from Cane Creek, tended the wounded, and helped bury the dead, of both armies.

“Wars and rumors of war.” A somber, yet quietly hopeful candlelit close for the show.

“The Sword of Peace” will have ten performances, through August 19.

An album with more photos is here.  A schedule is below.

SOP = Sword of Peace
PTF = Pathway to Freedom
ENC= Emperor’s new Clothes
B&B = Beauty & the Beast

Tickets on sale at the Box Office. Or from:





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