Thursday Night Delight

Close enough to champagne for these reerotalers . . .


Here’s to a fair & speedy trial, and justice that fits the crimes.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Delight”

  1. Sigh. Division begets division. And after 50 years of increasing division in this country, our slide down into the cesspool of “we need a strong leader” continues. The left wants to force the right to agree, and the right wants to force the left to do what the right tells them to do.

    Thankfully Quakers never … oh, yeah, well, never mind …

  2. The USA has repeatedly gone off the rails, book bans for instance and witch hunts like the Salem trials. Evil carries the day until it doesn’t. Sometimes for hundreds of years, sometimes for a decade. If slavery started in 1619 and (mostly) ended in 1864 – 245 years down means 245 years to come back out – 2109 before only the remnants will remain. There will still be work to do. Slavery is still legal in the prison complex – that is the (mostly).

    Celebrate the turning from darkness get back to work.

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