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105-Facing Up To The Gray Nineties - 1/1990

113-The AFSC's Summer of Discontent -- And After - 9/1990

122-Quakers In The Movies - 6/1991

129-AFSC Chooses Reform; and a Critique of Books Defending the Gulf War -2/1992

106-FCNL's Quaker of the year; Quakers at Risk in Central America; More on the Gray '90s -2/1990

114-115-Double Issue: Quakerism & Witchcraft - 10&11/1990

123-A "Realignment" Roundup -7/1991

130 & 131-Double Issue: Cambridge Meeting & The Pedophile; Quaker Russian Mission Field; & FUM "Retreat for Clearness"-3&4/1992

107-Women Quakers On Top of the World; and a Quaker In The CIA (Part Three of Three) -3/1990

116-Time To Prepare For War - 12/1990

124-Two Quaker Theologians: Wil Cooper & Jim Corbett - 8&9/1991

132-Spring Book Issue: Simple Living & New Stories for Young Friends - 5/1992

108-Popeye The Quaker Man; Our First Short Story; & A "Beethoven Letter" - 4/1990

117-Welcome to 1991: Kvetch, Kvetch, Kvetch - 1/1991

125-The Des Moines "Realignment" Conference & Reverse Evangelism - 10/1991

133-A Prophet In Richmond? Examining the New Quaker "Oracle" - 6/1992

109-Bolivian Quakers Face the Cocaine Wars - 5/1990

118-A Report on the Emergency Quaker Peace Consultation; & Quakers of the Year -2/1991

126-Quakers & Abortion: Preparing for Life After Roe - 11/1991

134-LAST ISSUE: A Look Back at "A Friendly Letter"-1/1993

110-Rethinking Quaker Witness on South Africa-6/1990

119-Friends United Meeting Under Attack--From Without & Within -3/1991

127-The AFSC On the Brink of Major Change - 12/1991

111-Meet the New Quaker Woman of the Nineties: One of Her Names Is Jesus - 7/1990

120-Tenth Anniversary Issue; Friends, the Gulf War & "Singularity" -4/1991

128-Culture Shock at YouthQuake; and Quakers of the Year -1/1992

112-Kenyan Quakerism's Complicity With Official Repression - 8/1990

121-British Quakers Caught in a Satanic Witchhunt -5/1991