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000-Sample Issue-- No Date

013-Quakers and Our Forgotten Testimony on Alcohol-4/1982

026-Quaker Peace Priorities After The Freeze-5/1983

039-Kenyan Quakers and American Money--Time For An Accounting-6/1984

001-Law of the Sea Treaty as a Quaker Peace Priority - 3/1981

014-Dissent in Iowa YM Over FCNL: An Update-5/1982

027-Will here Be A New Era In Eastern Region?-6/1983

040-The State of the Society In The US: A British Quaker's View-7/1984

002-Dissent in Iowa YM Over FCNL-4/1981

015-Friends & Homosexuality: The Case of West Elkton-6/1982

028-The Crazy Quilt of Current Liberal Quaker Theology-7/1983

041-Two Quaker Vietnam Veterans And Their Search For Peace: Lady Borton and Charles Clements-8/1984

003-Two Quaker Writers: Mystery & Science Fiction-5&6/1981

016-The Kenya Conference & Forgotten Friends-7/1982

029-Feedback Issue-More Letters From Readers-8/1983

042-The First Ever Natonal Quaker Poll-9/1984

004-Crisis in East Africa YM-7/1981

017-Talking Back: Letters From Readers-8/1982

030-FUM's Coming Hour of Decision On the 1984 Triennial-9/1983

043-Disaster Ahead for the New US Peace Academy?-10/1984

005-The New Quaker “Establishment” from Earlham School of Religion - 8/1981

018-How Do Quakers Set Standards for Themselves Today?-9/1982

031-Charting A New Quaker Mainstream-10/1983

044-The Fight Over Elizabeth Watson & The The Friends Ministers Conference-11/1984

006-Can Evangelical & Liberal Friends Get Along? - 9/1981

019-Is The AFSC A Communist Front? - 10/1982

032-A Glimpse of Kenya's "Invisible" Elgon Yearly Meeting-11/1983

045-The Choctaw Friends Center: A New Quaker Outpost In The Deep South-12/1984

007-A Critique of The AFSC-10/1981

020-Indiana Quakers Face Each Other In Court-11/1982

033-How A Liberal Quaker Taboo Cost AFSC $4 Million-12/1983

046-Quakers of the Year, 1984 & A Forecast of Conflict Among American Friends-1/1985

008-A Critique of Quakerism by E. Digby Baltzell-11/1981

021-Pilgrimage To Hong Kong- A Holiday Story-12/1982

034-Quakers of the Year: Pioneers of New Service Opportunities-1/1984

047-Results of the First National Quaker Poll-2/1985

009-Good News: Three Reports-12/1981

022-Quakers of the Year: Herbert Nicholson, Don Green-1/1983

035-The Trouble With "Quaker Life" Magazine-2/1984

048-More Conflicts Among Kenyan Quakers-3/1985

010-Quakers of the Year: Sam & Miriam Levering-01/1982

023-The 1984 FUM Triennial & Conflict Over Gay Issues-2/1983

036-Whittaker Chambers, Noel Field: Quakers At The Hub of History-3/1984

049-Child Molesters Who are Quakers-4/1985

011-New Peace Priorities for Quaker Meetings-02/1982

024-Quakers & Feminism-How Are They Related?-3/1983

037-Anti-Christian Prejudice Among LIberal Quakers-4/1984

050-The Earlham School of Religion faces Competition-5/1985

012-The AFSC Book "A Compassionate Peace" Reviewed-03/1982

025-Why Are Quaker Groups So Often Such Lousy Employers?-4/1983

038-The "Root Beer" Factor--Quaker Inventiveness-5/1984

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