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AFSC & Friends IV: A Suggested Survival Kit

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Here’s a quick quiz:

Two of these three church-related service projects are holding their own, and one is in trouble. Can you tell which one has problems?

A. The Mennonite Central Committee

B. The Mormon Church missionary program; and

C. The American Friends Service Committee

To help with your answer, here are a few clues:

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A New Addition: Online Archive of Print Issues of “A Friendly Letter”

Before blogs were invented, there were newsletters. And that’s how A Friendly Letter got started, as an independent monthly, printed on paper and sent out by US mail.

There were 134 issues published in this format, and after many hours of grunt work, I am pleased to announce that ALL of these print issues are now scanned and online as PDF files, along with a detailed Index. In this “original” incarnation, the newsletter covered many stories that had previously gone unmentioned by other Friends publications