My Online Theological essays (Mainly Quaker-oriented)

My Online Theological essays (Mainly Quaker-oriented)

Click here to go to a page with links to more than twenty online essays and reviews that I’ve published in various places over many years.

some of the topics covered include:

— Quakers as a “chosen people”

— Re-examinations of the Quaker peace testimony

— Lucretia Mott as a formative liberal Quaker theologian

— Spiritualism among 19th Century US Friends

— The saga of a contemporary Quaker prophetess

— A Theist Quaker’s appreciation for non-theist Quakerism

And more.

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    1. Thanks — it’s a tech puzzle for me, but I’l look into it and see if Can get it fixed . . . .

    1. Charley, I can help a bit with that. Most of them are now up, but I haven’t got them properly displayed on the Quaker Theology site. But if you SAVE these two links, they can take you to a list of links to the others. There’s about thirty of them there; and I’ll be putting up some more presently.Here are the two key links (remember; SAVE THEM for reference):
      Links – Quaker & Theological essays by Chuck Fager Online

      Start here for Quaker & theological Essays by chuck Fager now online:
      – – – – – – – – – –
      Many More Theology Essays by Chuck Fager are listed here:

  1. I identified myself as a professional “warrior for peace” a couple of years ago when I first met my father in law and he asked me “what I did”. Apparently this phrase I just spontaneously threw out and promptly forgot has left him wondering ever since.

    It’s not a label I had ever used to describe myself before or since; yet, it has resonated since hearing it again for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m left wondering.

    I would like to read your “Quaker Declaration of War” piece, though, the link on the Quaker Theology page goes to an essay titled “The Core of Quaker Theology”. Could you please send me a link to it or email a copy?

    Thank you for the inspiration this morning to keep pulling on this thread to see where it leads.

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