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My 2022 Rollercoaster: Photos & Cartoons, Part 1

January 2022: was it sunrise for Democracy, or sunset?

. . . Not even the cat was sure . . .

We weren’t the only worried ones . . .

. . . In Washington, the Supremes were busy working up their new minority rule act, with a special interest in the coming midterm elections, and protecting their withering reputations from the “stench” of their “ethics free zone.”. . .

Meantime, I kept getting texts like these, a couple per week, plus phone calls, junk mails, etc.: they all claim to be individuals, but reporters have shown they are working for big real estate dealers, who pick up lots of small houses, turn them into rentals, jack up area rents, and sell stocks in the bundles. I suppose it’s legal, but it will push out lower-income folks and generally increase inequality. As for me, I’m not selling . . .

No wonder there were a lot of gloomy days . . .

But in early February, the first signs of spring were popping up . . . Yellow daffodils, and tiny red-faced  henbit. Some folks say henbit is a  weed, but I like it.

But the lift to the spirit that the dawn of spring usually brings was suddenly disrupted this year, by a move far to the east . . .

The shock of this horrible war has not yet worn off. It soon took me back to my old stamping grounds a protest vigil in Fayetteville NC.

From left: the Fair Wendy, Patrick O’Neill, this blogger, and Andrew Bryant.

Since then, I’ve been working to learn about Ukraine and the war’s background, and sharing my discoveries on the blog. And there’s more to come . . .

Yeah, finding out . . . .

Quotes for the Day

It was tempting to open with a passage from Volodimir Zelensky’s memorable address to Congress. But that is everywhere today. Instead, here’s a bit from a tribute by columnist David Ignatius:

Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, likes to quote a comment attributed to Napoleon: “In war, the moral is to the physical as three is to one.” Zelensky is the embodiment of that everlasting truth.”
Quoted by David Ignatius, Washington Post, 12/21/2022: Continue reading Quotes for the Day

Ukraine: Don’t Count on a “Winter Lull” in the Fighting

A Winter Hibernation in Ukraine’s War?

Gwynne Dyer

Gwynne Dyer, Independent Columnist
Bangkok Post — December 6, 2022

When the two most senior military and intelligence officials in Washington make the same obvious error in public three times in three weeks, you have to wonder what they are really up to. Can it just be simple ignorance, or do they have a hidden agenda? Continue reading Ukraine: Don’t Count on a “Winter Lull” in the Fighting

The Ukraine War’s Other Front: Libraries & their Warrior Librarians

[NOTE: This report is one of the most clarifying pieces I have read on the Ukraine. In one sentence it gets beyond and beneath all the horrible physical death and destruction, and sets it in context: “The wars of this century are wars over meaning.

The Guardian, December 4, 2022

‘Our mission is crucial’: meet the warrior librarians of Ukraine

Oksana Bruy

When Russia invaded Ukraine, a key part of its strategy was to destroy historic libraries in order to eradicate the Ukrainians’ sense of identity. But Putin hadn’t counted on the unbreakable spirit of the country’s librarians

By Stephen Marche

The morning that Russian bombs started falling on Kyiv, Oksana Bruy woke up worried about her laptop. Bruy is president of the Ukrainian Library Association and, the night before, she hadn’t quite finished a presentation on the new plans for the Kyiv Polytechnic Library, so she had left her computer open at work.
Continue reading The Ukraine War’s Other Front: Libraries & their Warrior Librarians