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Minority Rule Watch: Vote suppression is burgeoning at the state level, especially in Red states

The number of state legislative districts where racial or ethnic minorities make up a majority or a near majority of the population dropped substantially after the latest round of redistricting, even as those minority groups accounted for virtually all of the population growth the nation experienced over the last decade.

An analysis of the demographics of thousands of state legislative districts redrawn in the wake of the 2020 Census conducted exclusively for Pluribus News finds there are 368 districts around the country where Black Americans make up a majority of the population, down from 390 Black-majority districts before new political boundaries were drawn.

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Txsgiving Turkey was a BIG Honking TURKEY for NC Furniture Workers

Winston-Salem NC-United Furniture Industries Inc. has stopped production abruptly at its five Triad facilities — where it was reported to have had between 530 and 600 employees — as part of what appears to be an overall shutdown of the business.

Multiple media reports say employees in Winston-Salem, Verona, Miss., and Victorville, Calif., as well as delivery drivers, received emails from United’s board of directors late Monday and early Tuesday.

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The War On Thanksgiving??

As America heads into the third Thanksgiving since the pandemic, a lot of things look like they’re back to normal:

Families are gathering around the table together and travel is forecast to be at its highest level in decades. Even the anticipated turkey shortage didn’t materialize, according to the USDA. After three long years of socially distanced holidays, we’re back to merely worrying about who might  . . . ruin the feast by shouting at each other about politics. . .

Look closely, though, and there’s one thing that’s strikingly different from how Thanksgiving worked in the long-lost world of November 2019 — and it’s something to be grateful for: A lot of stores will actually close.

Back in the before times, one of the long-festering trends of the fourth weekend of November was the steady encroachment of that bigger holiday scheduled for December. Not long ago, Black Friday didn’t even have a name; by 2019, the signature kickoff event of the Christmas shopping season had bled into Thanksgiving itself.

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Rep. Cori Bush: An Interview

The Guardian — Sat 29 Oct 2022

‘I’m changing Congress’: how Cori Bush brought her lived experience to Capitol Hill

David Smith in Washington

Member of ‘the Squad’ on how her abortion experience, sexual assault and front-line fight in Ferguson, Missouri, affected her politics

Her new memoir is bracingly, sometimes painfully honest, but there is one passage that Cori Bush seriously considered striking out before publication.

Bush contends that the Black Lives Matter movement still has momentum.Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

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Midweek Book Review

From the Washington Post

Barbara Kingsolver’s ‘Demon Copperhead’ may be the best novel of 2022

By Ron Charles — October 25, 2022 at 2:08 p.m. ET

It’s barely Halloween. The ball won’t drop in Times Square for another two full months, and more good books will surely appear before the year ends. But I already know: My favorite novel of 2022 is Barbara Kingsolver’s “Demon Copperhead.”

(Katty Huertas/The Washington Post)

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