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My 2022 Rollercoaster: Photos & Cartoons, Part 1

January 2022: was it sunrise for Democracy, or sunset?

. . . Not even the cat was sure . . .

We weren’t the only worried ones . . .

. . . In Washington, the Supremes were busy working up their new minority rule act, with a special interest in the coming midterm elections, and protecting their withering reputations from the “stench” of their “ethics free zone.”. . .

Meantime, I kept getting texts like these, a couple per week, plus phone calls, junk mails, etc.: they all claim to be individuals, but reporters have shown they are working for big real estate dealers, who pick up lots of small houses, turn them into rentals, jack up area rents, and sell stocks in the bundles. I suppose it’s legal, but it will push out lower-income folks and generally increase inequality. As for me, I’m not selling . . .

No wonder there were a lot of gloomy days . . .

But in early February, the first signs of spring were popping up . . . Yellow daffodils, and tiny red-faced  henbit. Some folks say henbit is a  weed, but I like it.

But the lift to the spirit that the dawn of spring usually brings was suddenly disrupted this year, by a move far to the east . . .

The shock of this horrible war has not yet worn off. It soon took me back to my old stamping grounds a protest vigil in Fayetteville NC.

From left: the Fair Wendy, Patrick O’Neill, this blogger, and Andrew Bryant.

Since then, I’ve been working to learn about Ukraine and the war’s background, and sharing my discoveries on the blog. And there’s more to come . . .

Yeah, finding out . . . .

Rep. Jamie Raskin Diagnosed with Cancer

[NOTE: The Bible quote on my mind today— Ecclesiastes 8:11-14, in the Today’s English Version:
“Why do people commit crimes so readily? Because crime is
not punished quickly enough. A sinner may commit a hundred crimes and still live. Oh yes, I know what they say: `If you obey God, everything will be all right, but it will not go well for the wicked. Their life is like a shadow and they will die young, because they do not obey God.’ But this is nonsense. Look at what happens in the world: sometimes righteous men get the punishment of the wicked, and wicked men get the reward of the righteous. I say it is useless.”]

New York Times Continue reading Rep. Jamie Raskin Diagnosed with Cancer

“Shotgun” Scalia: A study in Supreme Corruption & Impunity; More from “The Scheme”

[NOTE: This series of posts about the corporate capture & corruption of the U.S. Supreme Court reflects my sense that: this “scheme” is extremely dangerous to what remains of our democracy; that it is far advanced; it preceded the era of 45 and the “Big Lie,” and it will continue after that ordeal reaches its end; and the corruption detailed is by no means an isolated case. Thanks again to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for his leadership in documenting and blowing the whistle on it, in and outside Congress.]Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, excerpts from his book, The Scheme: Continue reading “Shotgun” Scalia: A study in Supreme Corruption & Impunity; More from “The Scheme”

Big Deal: Omnibus Bill Reforms Electoral Count Act

[NOTE: The ominous — oops, I mean Omnibus, heh-heh— bill passed by Congress Friday was 4100-plus pages. Mostly it was about money, which of course is important but I won’t focus on that here.

What I searched for, amid the chatter about cash, was whether the completed bill included reforms to the Electoral Count Act (ECA) of 1887, which had been fingered by pro-democracy advocates as the Coup Assistance Law; and if so, what those reforms turned out to be. Continue reading Big Deal: Omnibus Bill Reforms Electoral Count Act

The next Big Question: Who Will Be First to Bend the Arc and Hit It Out of the Park???

Enough babble about the World Cup.

Letitia James, New York Attorney General

Spare me the hype surrounding the Super Bowl.

I’m not even thinking of MLB Spring Training.

There’s a spot in the Big American History Record Book waiting to be filled, and I’m fed up & full to the eyebrows with waiting. Continue reading The next Big Question: Who Will Be First to Bend the Arc and Hit It Out of the Park???