“24” Finale Countdown: 16 Days to Go

Bauer vs Mayer

Two weeks plus two days til the ignoble end of the torture show “24.” As it prepares to depart, let’s take a moment to recognize New Yorker writer Jane Mayer. No journalist has done more than she to expose both the criminal reality of US torture, and the impact of “24” on both the reality of those crimes and the selling of that criminality to the American public.

In fact, the impact of her work was such that in last year’s season opener, the producers struck back by inserting a character, “Blaine Mayer” (get it?) as a self-righteously ridiculous senator “interrogating” the heroic Jack Bauer about his torture tactics which “saved the world.”  Sutherland, above, “testifying” about torture; Jane Mayer, right, who told the truth about it, and still does. Mayer was asked about this by a blogger, and responded:

“If [the producer] was honest about the debate over torture, he’d cast the critics of Jack Bauer as the heroes of the show, and they would be the stand-up military men, the proud FBI agents, and the lawyers inside and outside the government who have risked their careers to say that as a country, we’re better than this. They’re the real protectors of America.”

Read one of her articles about torture and “24” here. BTW don’t just sit there and nod: check out the Quaker Initiative to End Torture here. Bauer-Christ

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