Best news I learned today: The TV Torture Training show “24” will end on May 24. This is not really “news,” as the cancellation was announced in late March.

But my network TV has been off since mid-2002, and the pony Express rider carrying word to NC from Richmond got lost in the Great Dismal Swamp, where he was kidnapped by mercenary trainees for Blackwater (now called “Xe” — and no, I can’t pronounce it either), and just escaped yesterday. Anyway, as this video, “Primetime Torture,” from Human Rights First shows in a mere 14 minutes, “24” has done an excellent job of making torture acceptable conduct for US agents and officials.

Presumably star Kiefer Sutherland has made a boatload of money from his 8 seasons as torture-popularizer in chief. But even spending every penny of it on Betsy Blake’s organic Quaker detergent wouldn’t be enough to wash away the permanent stain on his reputation, and that of this country, and (should be) his conscience. Shame, shame shame!!

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