“24” The Saga Continues, Unfortunately

Jack Bauer torture showYesterday the question was: Is this, at long last, the end of the long-running torture infomercial “24″??

Today we know the answer: It is not just NO, but Hell NO!

As one TV critic aptly put it:

…”In the days leading up to the series finale, there was great speculation that Jack Bauer would die in the end.   The producers and writers obviously knew better than to let that happen. Besides a 24 movie in the works, there are the residual elements that benefit from a breathing Jack Bauer as opposed to killing him off.

For example, when the inevitable eight-season DVD package hits the market, people are more likely to invest those hard earned dollars in something that keeps their favorite character alive in their imaginations and in any other configuration likely to follow.

Will there be 24 novels, cartoons, comic books, video games, and action figures? Of course there will be, and they will be more marketable with fans thinking Jack is is out there somewhere in the world.”

You can read more here.

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