A Shocking Moment of Recognition


I’m reading this Op-Ed by Peter Wehner, a conservative anti-45er, in The New York Times today.

He’s still reeling aghast at the GOP’s defenestration  of Liz Cheney. I’m empathetic to his view that it’s part of a grave threat to the republic.  But there’s nothing new about these sentiments . . . .

Wehner: I asked a Republican who spent time with Representative Liz Cheney last week what her thinking was in speaking out so forcefully, so unyieldingly, against Donald Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen, despite knowing that this might cost the three-term congresswoman her political career.

“It’s pretty simple,” this person, who requested anonymity in order to speak openly, told me. “She decided she’s going to stay on the right side of her conscience.”

“She wasn’t going to lie to stay in leadership,” he added. “If telling the truth was intolerable, she knew she wasn’t going to keep her leadership position.”

Ms. Cheney was certainly right about that. Early on Wednesday, House Republicans ousted her from her position as the chairman of the House Republican conference, the No. 3 leadership slot, one her father held in the late 1980s.

The next priority of Mr. Trump and MAGA world? To defeat her in a primary in 2022. . . .

And that’s when it hits me:

— I can’t believe I’m writing this,

An image that’s been the stuff of nightmares since I learned what a “black site” was . . . .

A year from now, I might well be . . .


— Making out a check to . . .


Liz Cheney’s re-election campaign.

Liz Cheney!

There, I said it. Wrote it.

Now I need to creep into a corner and ponder whether I truly believe I might actually do that.

Not that my pittance could save her bacon. But still.

To help save the republic —??

Might I? Could I? Really?  DO that?

. . . As of this morning, I’m beginning to think . . .

. . . I – I – I –
. . . Might. Even.

>> O. M. F. G.

[Would it feel better if I could send it in new Tubman $20s?]

[Probably not . ]

3 thoughts on “A Shocking Moment of Recognition”

  1. I’m not in danger of contributing to Liz Cheney’s campaign, but I do understand the unsettling back-and-forth feelings about her!

    Did you know that Canada’s latest $10 bill, released in 2018, features Viola Desmond? Not only that, but it’s vertical.

  2. Hi Chuck,

    Is the right side of wrong right?

    Liz Cheney’s voting record for Trump’s intolerable actions is 85% or so.


  3. Don’t you dare! VP Daddy Cheyney stole enough $ with the patent on Fracking plus the few billions he made after creating the Iraq war. She’s not in trouble. She’s betting Trump will be in jail or nearly so by the next prez election. Maybe she’ll just derail him, in which case she gets a parade.

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