A Statement on Musk & Twitter

After extensive research and deliberation, this blogger has reached a definite conclusion about the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, to wit:


So now Elon Musk has bought Twitter.
Let some scream & howl, I’m not bitter;
He’ll tweet in his cars,
Then fly them to Mars;
I’ll stay right at home & just titter.





4 thoughts on “A Statement on Musk & Twitter”

  1. I don’t care either! I’m happy to have such a trusted opinion on this big flood of news. I appreciate having discovered that your Friendly Letter is one of my go to information sources. Especilly your discussion of the AFSC issues. AFSC is close to my heart, though distant now, and I knew there were problems. I saw that Arnie Alpert, recently retired as head of NH AFSC, is a co signer of the Lucy Duncan letter. I knew of his dissatisfaction with AFSC doings quite a few years ago. He’s my neighbor and I’ll have to consult him on the current situation. Quakers do deliberate!

  2. If I knew a month ago — I would have cared enough to buy as much twitter stock as I could; I’d borrow as much as I could borrow… and now, I’d be financially much more comfortable than I’d ever been in my life, having taken as much of Elon’s money as I could.

    Other than that… I can’t be bothered to care either. As popular as twitter is, it is hardly the only ‘micro-blogging’ platform.

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