A study in Contrasts: DJT & Biden coming to North Carolina

This is strange. Weird, actually:

DJT is coming to North Carolina today, for a rally in Selma, about 90 minutes east of me here in Durham.

Nothing strange about that. DJT carried the state twice, and would be a strong contender in 2024, if Jesus doesn’t return & Merrick Garland still tarries. DJT’s endorsed some far-out candidates in our 2022 races.

What’s odd is that, at the same time his “team” has been promoting the hell out of the rally’s date (April 9) and time (7PM), its location remained a secret until yesterday.

It makes a difference. NC is not a postage stamp state like Rhode Island or Delaware: it’s about 450 miles east to west, and a couple hundred deep.  Our two biggest cities, Raleigh and Charlotte, are hours apart.

It doesn’t bother me if his hardcore fans want to burn several tankfuls of $4 NC gas looking for their Golden Guy. But here’s the thing:  fourteen times this week —14— they’ve sent me urgent texts with pleas to sign up for tickets. But not one of these demanding missives told me where to show up.

Not that I’m going. I did suffer through two of his rallies here in 2016; the first was pre-election, to see if the campaign was really as nuts as it looked; and then a week or so after the vote,  in the vain hope that I’d been hallucinating for the previous year.

Those visits, which beat any horror movie I ever saw (tho to be fair, I skipped the ones with chainsaws), got me on DJT’s list, and I’ve let his social media spew ever since, as a form of, pardon the expression, intelligence gathering. (Besides the rally texts, this past week brought ten emails from him as well; typical.)

I promise I’ve never sent him a dime, though he still addresses me as a “Top Donor,” one of his “most trusted” and loyal supporters and advisers, and the key “patriot” in his crusade to “Save America,” and cover it with cheesy merch.

I will confess, though, that I was sorely tempted by the Trump doormats; the thought of wiping my feet on him . . . .

And if they ever put out DJT toilet paper —

But enough of that. Now the cat is finally out of the bag, and everybody knows the rally will be in Selma, near I-95.  Still, the description of the venue & its protocols in the Raleigh paper are pretty startling.

First, it only has seats for 400, and bringing your own chairs is not allowed. And the standing will be chilly, low 50s/high 40s. (Fortunately rain is not expected, as umbrellas, like weapons, outside food and alcohol, are also banned.)

But DJT was there before, shortly before election day in 2016, and several thousand jammed in to hear him denounce Hillary as a criminal and vow to repeal Obamacare.

Meantime, it was also announced yesterday that president Biden will visit North Carolina on April 14, somewhere near Greensboro. His goal will be to crow about several big new job-generating industrial plants that were recently announced.

So hoopla will follow hoopla. But take note: I supported Biden, and even voted for him; but with only five days to go, Joe & the Dems have yet to send me a single text or email about it; and not even a whisper about doormats.

Maybe that’s what’s keeping Biden’s poll ratings so lackluster. Why doesn’t he offer some red-white-and-blue striped aviator sunglasses? Raffle off a weekend at his place in Wilmington?

Or — oh wait: LOOK what I just found on Amaz–

Um, no. THAT kind of swipe would definitely be a roll too far.


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