AFSC Impostor Scandal Going National & Viral

Brief: More AFSC Fallout  from Philly: 

USAToday & the New York Post have stories & videos up about the AFSC Fake DEI [Diversity, Equity & Invlusion] kerfuffle. They may only be online, but The NYPost has run 2 or 3 stories, and both “papers” have broad social media readership.

There’s no news in these reports, since Saraswati announced her resignation, as reported here. But the photos are vivid.

The wider exposure of how easily the feckless AFSC “leadership team” was taken in by “charm” and glib DEI palaver must be very embarrassing to the poohbahs of Race St.  Saraswati is gone, but the impact of her tenure and what it exposed is still unfolding.

The NY Post is ranked as having the #7 largest news site online readership; USAToday is second only to the New York Times.


Saraswati stories go national:


New York Post

4 thoughts on “AFSC Impostor Scandal Going National & Viral”

  1. The story isn’t really about Ms. Seidel at all, but about the failure of the top of AFSC’s leadership. They need to go.

    1. I read the story. It’s about Ms Seidel. Anyone who doesn’t see the tragedy in this lost soul has no heart. While there are no doubt shortcomings in the vetting process that lead to her selection, I’m not sure an alternative that encourages a deep dive into all details of an applicant’s past life, is wise either as a matter of nonprofit corporate governance or good order. While the Service Committee is not above criticism, I think they handled this sad situation reasonably quickly and appropriately sensitively.

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