After Blowing Up The Iran Deal: Anybody Feeling a Draft?

After thinking about the remodeled “backing-up-new-Iranian-sanctions-with-War” scenario, I did some searching & quickly came across several disquieting facts:

1. Iran’s population is at least twice that of Iraq;
2. it’s also more homogenous, linguistically, culturally & especially religiously (90+% Shi’a Muslim; Iraq, 60/40 Shia vs Sunni); further,
3. Iranians tend to be quite proud of their country & culture even if they despise their government;


4. Iran’s land mass is also 3.5 times bigger than Iraq, with lots of mountains; (Iraq is mostly desert)
5. Teheran, the capital, is several hundred miles farther from the bases & seaports necessary to supply an invading force than, say, Baghdad; and —by the way:
6. Iran has a real army, a big one, rather than the pretend bunch of mutually hostile gangs that Saddam Hussein “led.”

Now, I’m no expert at grand military strategy. But considering how U. S. forces got their butts kicked in Iraq (& —oh, did I forget to mention Afghanistan? And, er, Vietnam?)

Not: Une part de gateau, non.

I figure that the war with Iran the Orange mob seems to be working up to is gonna be something other than a piece of cake.

But it will be huge.


So, what can we do?? I’m guessing that after this week, soon might be a good time for American parents of pre- & teenage boys to start digging around on the internet for dog-eared copies of such 1960s bestsellers as, 1001 Ways to Beat the Draft, to pass around & ponder until some very woke Millennial updates & uploads it.

Free Advance Excerpts:

10 Invent a time machine and go back to the 19th century.
11 Start to menstruate. (Better red than dead.)
18 Rent a motel room with a ewe.
19 Rent a motel room with a ram.
20 Say you’re crazy.
21 Say they’re crazy.
23 Marry J. Edgar Hoover.

Tehran, Iran to Montreal, Canada: 5858 miles.

(For backup, there are lots of YouTube videos for beginners on Quebec French.)

Just sayin’.
(I mean, Juste dire!)

5 thoughts on “After Blowing Up The Iran Deal: Anybody Feeling a Draft?”

  1. The orange crew is probably expecting Iran can be handled by the already over-extended current military which will magically pay for itself.

    1. Nope. Never forget that we’re paying through the nose for the US military. If we didn’t waste our money there we’d have lots for nice things like universal health care, food stamps, etc.

      1. Education! Education! Education! Between the Military Budget and the Prison Budget (in the States). and now the tax cut for the 1% and the end of the Estate Tax, there is no money left for much of anything we Friends might deem important. …

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