Blue Wave? Red Wave? How about the Carolina Brown Wave (aka Big Poop)??

Have any news media mentioned in your hearing that southeast  North Carolina, in the wake of Florence, is due not only for “major hurricane flooding” post-Flo, but along with it will face a Great Brown Wave of toxic, stinking liquid Pig Poop (&  Pee).

Down here, they have mentioned it. Like yesterday.

And today.

And probably tomorrow.)  . . . .

Yes, that region of NC is the second largest center of industrial hog raising in the country (looking at YOU, Iowa). The NC industry is 8 million hogs strong, and it features, in Smithfield Packing,  the biggest hog slaughterhouse in the world.

And Big Poop also dumps many millions of gallons of the brown stuff into thousands of NON-industrial strength open air lagoons. (Which stink a lot, even if the wind & rain are in abeyance.)

Is it an accident? The region where these industrial hog farms are concentrated today is the region which had the highest population percentage of enslaved people. Many local black residents are involved in lawsuits against the giant international corporations who run these industrial farms, charging that the smells and toxics have made them sick, and are especially dangerous when the lagoons spill or break down — such as when hurricanes strike.

These lagoons sorta work (sorta), except when it, you know, rains a lot. Add some wind to that & OMFG!

Inside: thousands of pigs (in floods BTW, many of these hogs drown; so add mounds of decaying carcasses to the Brown Wave stuff.) Outside: the Brown Wave mixes with already toxic floodwater . . .

Now imagine the (formerly) lovely city of Wilmington NC, now cut off from roads & its harbor closed, a sudden island. And it’s stuck downriver from the gathering Monster Brown Wave.

Wilmington NC, marooned.

Locally, none of this is news.  Carolina Greenies have been hollering about it for years.

The hog industry’s PR agencies cultivate a wholesome, (white) family-friendly image. But most of the hogs and the farms are really owned by massive international corporations; and the biggest is Chinese. (That ginormous Smithfield plant? Chinese-owned.)

Big Poop can also play hardball, in that vast battleground, the front lawn. No surprise: the Republican NC legislature is comfortably stashed in the pocket of their newest jeans.

So, back to our current plight:  first, Florence: the rain & the wind. Then the floods. And with it, The  Brown Wave.

Plus, coal ash toxics. But forgive me, I couldn’t bear to talk about them today.

Lord have mercy. (At least, they’ll be able to smell it coming.)

And once again, thank god for bottled water, which I drink all the time here.

After all, Florence came and went. Big Poop and Big Coal Ash are around all the time.

2 thoughts on “Blue Wave? Red Wave? How about the Carolina Brown Wave (aka Big Poop)??”

  1. Do you have any of those water bottles labeled “Quaker House” from that time you brought them to FGC?

    They created a stink that sounds alot like what you are writing about here.

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