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Logo-CEF-with nameMy first book was published in 1967,  and I haven’t really stopped since. Most of them have been either self-published or issued by small presses.  That reflects both my stubbornness in the face of publisher bad judgment (i.e., rejection), and a preoccupation with niche subjects (e.g., Quakers) plus hopeless causes (peace, civil rights, ending torture). It hasn’t been all “vanity” — some titles have sold several thousand copies, and overall, I haven’t lost money on the efforts. Nowadays — hallelujah! — self-publishing is a mass phenomenon, and (almost) respectable.

    • White Reflections on Black Power, Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1967.
    • Uncertain Resurrection: The Poor Peoples Washington Campaign, Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1969.
    • Selma 1965: The March That Changed the South, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1974; Beacon Press, 1985; Kimo Press, 2005 & 2015.
    • Taking Charge (First Edition). AFSC, Bantam Books, 1977.
    • The Magic Quilts: A Fantasy, Kimo Press, 1981 and 1989.
    • A Respondent Spark: the Basics of Bible Study, Kimo Press, 1984 and 1994.
“. . . Of the Making of books there is no end . . .” Ecclesiastes 12:12. Here is a shelf of mine.
  • A Man Who Made a Difference: the Life of David H. Scull, Langley Hill Friends Meeting, 1985.

  • Quakers Are Funny, Kimo Press, 1987.
  • Editor, Quaker Service at the Crossroads, Kimo Press, 1988.
  • Life and Death and Two Chickens: Stories for Children, Stories of Childhood, Kimo Press, 1989.
  • Wisdom and Your Spiritual Journey: A Study of Wisdom in the Biblical and Quaker Traditions, Kimo Press, 1990.
  • Fire in the Valley, Quaker Ghost Stories, Kimo Press, 1991.
  • Murder Among Friends, A Quaker Mystery, Kimo Press, 1993.
  • Quaker Service At The Crossroads. Kimo Press, 1986.
  • Editor, Reclaiming A Resource: Papers from the Friends Bible Conference. Kimo Press, 1990.
  • Editor, New Voices, New Light: Papers from the Quaker Theology Roundtable, 1995, Pendle Hill, 1995.
  • Un-Friendly Persuasion, A Quaker Mystery, Kimo Press, 1995.
  • Editor, A Continuing Journey: Papers from the Quaker Peace Roundtable, 1995. Pendle Hill, 1996.
  • Editor, The Bible, the Church, and the Future of Quakerism: Papers from the Quaker Issues Roundtable, 1996. Pendle Hill, 1996.
  • Without Apology: the Heroes, the Heritage and the Hope of Liberal Quakerism, Kimo Press, 1996.
  • Editor, Friends and the Vietnam War, Pendle Hill, 1998.
  • Editor, Sustaining Peace Witness in the Twenty-First Century: Papers from the 1997 Quaker Peace Roundtable. Pendle Hill, 1997.
  • Editor, Friends in Civilian Public Service: Quaker Conscientious Objectors in World War II . Pendle Hill, 1998.
  • Editor, Friends and the Vietnam War: Papers and Presentations. Pendle Hill, 1998.
  • Editor, The Best of Friends, Vol. 1: New Quaker Writing and Art. Kimo Press, 1998.
  • Editor, In Stillness there Is Fullness, Essays in Honor of Daniel Seeger. Kimo Press, 2000.
  • Editor, Speaking Peace, Living Peace. Baltimore Yearly Meeting Religious Education Committee, 2003
  • A Quaker Declaration of War, Kimo Press, 2003.
  • The Harlot’s Bible: Quaker Essays, Kimo press 2003.
  • Shaggy Locks & Birkenstocks: Studies in Liberal Quaker History, Kimo Press, 2003.
  • Why God Is Like A Wet Bar of Soap: Quaker Stories, Kimo Press 2004.
  • Eating Dr. King’s Dinner: A Memoir of the Movement, Kimo Press, 2005.
  • Tom Fox Was My Friend. Yours, Too., Kimo press 2006.
  • Study War Some More (If You Want to Work for Peace), Quaker House, 2010.
  • What’s The Password for Jesus? FAQs for Younger & New Quakers. Kimo Press.
  • Editor, “Keeping Us Honest, Stirring the Pot: A Festschrift in Honor of H. Larry Ingle ,” Kimo Press, 2012.
  • Quakers Are Hilarious, Kimo press 2013.
  • Paper Trail: Writings from the Front Line of Peace Action: Quaker House/Fort Bragg North Carolina, Kimo press 2013.
  • Angels of Progress: A Documentary History of Progressive Friends, 1822-1940,” Kimo Press 2014
  • Remaking Friends, A Narrative History of Progressive Friends, Kimo Press 2014
  • Selma 1965: the March That Changed The South, 50th Anniversary Edition,” Kimo Press, 2015.




( . . . And With More To Come)

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