Breaking: NCYM Expulsions Overturned!

Breaking: NCYM Expulsions Overturned!

Details to follow. (Session still underway.)

One big step forward–then half a step back.

Here we go again??

Scarcely an hour after loudly overturning its Executive Committee’s over-reach, the North Carolina YM session agreed to have distributed among its meetings a new “Plan” to “deal with” the divisive issues that have dogged the body, a plan that is highly like to stir more dissent.

it was presented by a Task Force called for in June, after a previous “New Committee,” charged with almost exactly the same mission, was unable to  agree on any actual proposals. After nearly a year of contentious meetings, the New Committee presented three “options,” without recommendations, and was then “laid down,” in Quaker jargon (tho “collapsed” might be more accurately expressive). Its irresolute end reflected the continuing lack of anything approaching  consensus or “unity” on such matters as doctrinal stance,  views on LGBT rights & same sex marriage, dual affiliation, and more.

Just how the new Task Force will resolve them is far from clear. And much in the plan presented today sounds like déjà vu all over again. “We slew a dragon at 11:30,” one Friend commented, “and then resurrected it as a zombie by lunchtime.”

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