Charlotte Perkins Gilman & Progressive Friends

Charlotte Perkins GilmanCharlotte Perkins Gilman was an early feminist writer and artist. She’s remembered today mainly as the author of “The Yellow Wallpaper,” a short story about . . . well, about a woman being driven mad by the restrictions of her environment and relationships. Some have called it a feminist classic.

You can read “The Yellow Wallpaper” here.

[There’s more about Gilman here]

I mention Gilman because to my surprise she showed up on the program of the Progressive Friends in Pennsylvania at their 1901 yearly meeting. And the good Friends there copied her talk. And I have copied them.

So for those interested in turn-of-the-19-th-20th century feminist thought and history, here’s her talk, a rare slice of it, courtesy of Progressive Friends

Progressive Friends: A Continuing Series

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